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Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games Readying The Polls To Choose Playable Shovel Knight Bosses

One of the successful Kickstarter game Shovel Knights' stretch goals was the addition of playable boss characters. Developer Yacht Club Games is getting ready to open the polls to let players vote on which bosses should be playable.

There are 10 Mega Man-style bosses to choose from which you can see in the gallery below. Only three of the bosses will make the cut, but they will be playable, and get their own stories. Backers will be able to start voting on October 4. For the next two weeks, Yacht Club is asking everyone to make their case for who they would like to see playable with art, writing, poetry, animation – whatever you want.

For more on Shovel Knight, head here, and for more information on each of the bosses head here.

[Source: Kickstarter, via Siliconera]

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  • King Knight and Polar Knight no question.
  • Tinker Knight and Treasure Knight look like respectable PC players.

  • Count me in for playable bosses then.

  • King Knight, Black Knight, and Treasure Knight are my top three.

  • Playable bosses sounds pretty cool. I would like either Propeller Knight or Plague Knight.

  • Plague, Spectre, and Mole Knights please!

  • Plague, Polar, and Specter for me.

  • Loving the Enchantress and the Specter Knight's designs. The Polar Knight also looks like he could have a decent story associated with him, but Specter and Enchantress are the only ones I'd really like to see made playable. Dat Scythe...

  • I like the mole and plague knight the most.

  • Dark Knight, Spectre Knight and The Enchantress.

  • Plague Knight and King Knight look the coolest to me.

  • Plague Knight, Treasure Knight and Propeller Knight for me :)

  • Black Knight all the way!...*resumes eyeing the curves on the Enchantress's hips*

  • Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and Treasure Knight have my votes.

  • All of these seem interesting. Hopefully the game does so well that eventually we could get a playable story for all the knights.

  • I would go with spectre knight, cause he looks badass, and the enchantress cause I like using characters with magic

  • King Knight and Plague Knight are my favourite.

  • So who doesn't want propeller knight? Seriously.

  • Treasure Knight is a Big Daddy.

  • 1. Specter Knight

    B. King Knight

    7. Treasure Knight.

    Those are my top 11.

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