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Shadow Warrior

New Trailer Lets You Choose 'Guns' Or 'Swords'

We've had the opportunity to play Flying Wild Hogs' Shadow Warrior a couple of times now, and it definitely stands out in a sea of first-person shooters. A large part of that is because the game is most fun when you aren't using the guns. Lo Wang's katana isn't some crowbar to be used as a last resort, after all.

With button combos, magic powers, and an engine that supports all manner of dismemberment (all with sharp controls), Shadow Warrior blends the hectic nature of old-school shooters with contemporary sensibilities. You can read more about the title in our preview, and check it out for yourself when it is released on PC on September 26, 2013. 

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  • This game looks so great, too bad GTA has cleaned my wallet out for the moment.

  • Oh my god, this looks fun! I didn't get the opportunity to play OG Shadow Warrior, but I played the iPhone port and it was a lot of fun. I hope this comes out for consoles too!

  • What if I want...GUNSWAHRDZ?!!!!!

  • I was always disappointed that the Hayabusa armor in Halo 3 didn't let you use the katana on your back. This should rectify that.

  • Looks incredible! Definitely First-Person Slasher.