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Shadow Warrior

Lo Wang Gets A New Trailer, Pre-Orders Open

Melee in first-person games is usually hit or miss. Thankfully, our hands-on time with Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior at E3 revealed a title that gets it so right. If you've been following the coverage and want to slice and dice your way through a demon horde, you'll be happy to know that pre-orders are open now.

The benefits differ across platforms, so publisher Devolver Digital has provided this handy guide for those hoping to get in on Shadow Warrior bonuses.

Pre-Order Bonus Steam includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana in-game weapon (Steam)
  • 75% off coupon for any current Devolver Digital game or Flying Wild Hog's 'Hard Reset'

 Pre-Order Bonus GOG includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Classic Shadow Warrior katana in-game weapon (GOG)

Pre-Order Humble Store includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack
  • available at shadowwarrior.com

Special Edition (Steam Exclusive) includes:

  • Shadow Warrior
  • Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer in-game weapon
  • Hotline Miami katana in-game weapon
  • Shadow Warrior digital art book
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack

Shadow Warrior will be out on September 26 for $39.99.

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  • This actually looks pretty good. It's too bad my PC can barely run Team Fortress 2.
  • This looks good!
  • It looks like Skyrim.
  • I wish this would get a physical release, like the good ole' days, simply so they could produce a box that would say, "You've got Wang" the first time you open it. Use some of that "talking greeting card" technology for something entertaining!

    This looks awesome. Super fun-looking, and much, MUCH improved over the dumb, offensive, lowbrow stuff from the original game. We'd be lucky if Gearbox's next Duke Nukem was as smart a reboot. Either way, the most important thing is that it has nothing to do with soldiers or modern military conflicts or any of that stuff. Great to see FPS' move away from that nonsense... now, if only we could get devs to move away from zombies too. Start trying to create smart, engaging enemies and cool, original creature designs more often.
  • Only thing that makes me nervous about preordering this was that there only seemed to be a few enemies on screen at a time. I don't want the game to feel too empty when I'm running around.
  • Hoping for a console release.
  • Screw the rewards...I just want the Wang! :D

  • I need to remind myself to preorder this, when I get home tonight.

  • I remember playing this back when I was younger.  So utterly ridiculous.  This one is looking pretty good from what I see.

  • Im gonna keep telling myself this WILL be better than Duke Nukem Forever...

  • Too bad this game is only PC, it looks so crazy!!

  • It looks like a refreshing first person experience. Large developers these days seem to think that if you make first person games they need to have realistic shooting, a generic military story, etc.

  • This does look pretty good, too bad it's only for PC.

  • "Melee in first-person games is usually hit or miss." I see what you did there Mike, that was clever.

  • After watching Totalbiscuit go nuts with this awesome game I can't wait play it myself.