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Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Schafer And Cookie Monster Yuk It Up In New Trailer

What happens when you take one of gaming's funniest scribes and put him in a room (or in this case, on Sesame Street) with a cookie-obsessed Muppet? Laughs happen, that's what.

The new trailer/commercial/sight gag for Once Upon a Monster doesn't show any actually gameplay of the upcoming Kinect game, or reference it beyond a simple URL plug, but that's not why you should watch it. Fans of Tim Schafer should watch it for his unparalleled ability to ham it up, while Sesame Street fans should watch it to see Cookie Monster chow down on his favorite snack – not to mention a prop Xbox 360. This combination of humor is undoubtedly what Double Fine hopes will make Once Upon a Monster a success with parents and children alike when the game launches on October 11. For some actual information on the game, check out our recent hands-on impressions. Otherwise, enjoy the video below.

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  • Nooooooooooooooooooo!
  • O_O That poor Xbox!

  • He must have not been very hungry......ahhh sarcasm.

  • cookie monster that garbage is'nt good for you eat a ps3 instead
  • xD

  • i lol'd

  • Adorable.

  • "You got your cookie in my Xbox." Totally out of context! lol
  • Oh man I freaking love Tim Schafer, I don't care if his game is directed at children I want to play it!
  • On the next episode of Once Upon a Monster... We discuss counting to 5.

  • Whoever thought of this pairing is a genius and needs a massive raise.

  • (one of) The Best... Trailer...Ever!!!
  • Now if only the store had given him an xbox box to put that xbox in.

  • This really made me smile. I almost wish I was a kid so it wouldn't look creepy if I decided I wanted to play this.

  • Oh man, Cookie Monster should do a video with FPSRussia, Dimitri could shoot up the XBOX with his guns, then CM could eat the remains!
  • A match made in heaven.

  • HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • am i the only one who yelled "nooooo!" when cookie monster bit into the xbox 360

  • That was so cheesy but still funny. XD

  • That actually mad me laugh. : )

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