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Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam's "Blood And Guts" Trailer Won't Win Any Awards For Subtlety

The guys at Croteam know what their fans want. With the "Blood and Guts" trailer for the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE, they showcase an impressive montage of exploding enemies and absurd weaponry.

They've also passed along the least-useful (yet appropriate) strategy guide ever, which you can see below. Catch the trailer below that, and click here to see their recent weapons trailer.

  • Sweet!!! Guts!!! got to love em'

  • "Least Useful Strategy Guide"? I think not, that is by far the best Strategy guide I have seen this year, simple and easy to understand, without the high-tech mumbo jumbo that you see in stuff like Skyrim. Skyrim: How do I kill this guy? Well, ya have to jump to their side and hit them until they turn towards you, then you have to use a power thrust to lower their guard and go in for a killing blow. Serious Sam: Before First Encounter (BFE): How do I kill this guy? Just shoot the F**ker!
  • Metal + Gore + Serious Sam = lots of lols

  • What an awesomely sounding shooter game!! Who needs a guide for this stupid thing?!? All you do is point and shoot: just my kind of shooter.

  • Reminds me of Doom for some reason.. Minus the dark corridors of course.

  • Dude i love this game!!!!! When i first encountered those headless kamikaze i was like who the F*** is screaming?!!! Then looking back i see them running towards me, but at least they're easy to kill lol

  • I'm sorry, but this looks awful.
  • november 22nd...... just after payday. now i got another game to buy lol

  • Looks great, but after Battlefield 3, this is the second trailer to quote MSNBC. Why? They're not a video game news source (they're not even a credible regular news source). Who cares what they think about it?
  • Mod
    it kinda looks crappy compared to alot of games....
  • It looks like doom with better lighting

  • Looks sweet! Love the video!

  • This game looks ***!!

  • Game of the Year

  • *** YEAH!

  • I'm obviously missing something, because everyone seems really excited, but this looks terrible.
  • most shooter strategy guides could be like that

  • Sweet.

  • OMFG THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! this looks like what duke shoulda been!

  • Good lord! It looks amazing!

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