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Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam 3 Weapons Trailer Is Gib-tacular

Curious about the methods by which you'll be slaughtering aliens by the hundred in Serious Sam 3: BFE next month? Let this latest trailer illustrate the game's gonzo weapons in gory detail.

Serious Sam 3 brings old-school first-person shooting (read: tons of enemies and a lot of circle-strafing) back to the PC courtesy of franchise creator Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital on November 22. We've got more screens and a hands-on report for further reading to exercise your mind until then. Because this is nothing if not an intellectual exercise.

  • MMmmmm mmm, Giblets.
  • those guns + mw3 bf3 = 100 kills 0 deaths.. nice vid reminds me of when i first played doom
  • Really liked that mutilator weapon.
  • Those have to be the best weapons I've seen since bulletstorm. ESPECIALLY the cannon
  • meh...
  • My body is ready...

  • oh explosion in my pants dear god...that..was...OH MY GOD!! the slogan should be serious sam 3 putin foot up cods ass november 22
  • what about consoles anything?

  • My sister though this was a reference to icarly *facepalm*

  • this looks incredibly yummy, I love the sbc cannon

  • Wow.......great flashback.

  • No cover. All man. I like the tagline.

  • Them aliens must all be made of strawberry jelly on the inside. They pop so easily.
  • Enemies that charge at you headlong, all the time, no matter what. No cover. This game sounds as compelling as it looks. Not at all.
  • You can ADS now? Why would anyone use that in Serious Sam is beyond me...

  • Is it on consoles by any chance? SS isn't exactly the most complex game series ever made.

  • This game is going to fail so bad. Barely anyone is going to buy this game in November after all of the AAA titles come out. People just won't have money. On top of that, there is like no hype behind this game. They should delay it until next summer so they can create more hype and have a few months of extra polish. As it stands, it looks like Duke Nukem Forever gameplay.
  • Those monsters are gonna have a taste of my hammer.

  • graphics are dated,weapon selection was awesome.after like the second shotgun...i was like damnnnnnnnn.

  • nice

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