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Saints Row IV

Second Developer Diary Covers Plot

When you are done doing silly activities and punching people in the crotch, there is a story in Saints Row IV. Sure, you might take long breaks to soar across the sky in your birthday suit, but eventually you're going to want to save the world… right?

In the second developer diary, you'll learn a little more about how the Saints boss became President of the United States, how the virtual Steelport makes the (super)power fantasy work, and hear from members of the development team and actors. Be sure to also watch the first developer diary.

Saints Row IV is out on August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • I'm not sure why, but I get the feeling this game is gonna be bad. I don't like how close it's release is to Saints Row III and I'm assuming it's relatively quick development time, at least for Volition's usual standards, can be attributed to Volition's new owner immediately trying to make a profit on its new acquisition by rapidly developing a sequel to their most lucrative franchise, and subsequently, the only franchise that Koch Media purchased the rights too.

    Or maybe all my ill bearings are unfounded. I guess I'll found out.
  • Probic Justice

  • Starting to milk this series..
  • I wasnt expecting Troy Baker to look like that. But, i guess that is why he is a voice actor. Lol. Not because he's ugly. But, because of his voice. This comment has gone on for way too long.

  • This looks like good, dumb fun. It'll be great for blowing off steam after a stressful day at the office. Hmmmm...blowing off steam on Steam.....nevermind.
  • Love reading whiner comments saying this game will be bad. Well durr. Yet at least it will be enjoyable. Saints Row did try to compete with GTA but they decided the serious route was boring and so they went with more silly and insane route. If you cannot enjoy that. Then, best stop being so anal and probing for problems. We (fans) already know. So fly off and bugger with something else.
  • This game is meeting my expectations. I like how the SR franchise doesn't hold bad on the hilarity. Great dev diary!

  • I'm really looking forward to playing this.

  • The fact they they brought up the annual probe just shows how much they dont give a ***,brilliant.
  • I feel bad for the hotdog.

  • I'm sorry, but that thing in the screenshot looks like a nekghoul.

  • Volition should shut up and take my money already.
  • They had mine a couple months ago. We only have to wait 11 more days before the insanity of this game is unleashed on the world. Hail to the Chief!!!
  • I don't mind all of the crazy and silly stuff, I just hope the story was more like the story in Saints Row 2 in the sense that yeah it had its funny moments but it was deep and serious at times as well.

  • This. Game. Looks. Great.

  • Love this game. Played the demo and it was sooo good!! Can't wait for release!