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Saints Row 4: Inauguration Station Gives You A Head Start On Character Creation

Much like Saint's Row: The Third's Initiation Station, Saints Row 4's Inauguration Station will let players get in and create their character before the game's release.

With the app, you can start from scratch, or upload your Saint's Row: The Third character and tweak them for IV. Once Saint's Row IV releases on August 20, you can import your character and start creating mayhem.

Update: Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that there are a few articles of Saint's Row: The Third  clothing that won't make it through the transfer due to assorted marketing agreements, but otherwise everything should make it over.

It's a free application that's available now on Xbox Live and Steam. It will be available to download from the PlayStation Network next week on August 13.

For more on Saints Row IV, you can check out developer Volition's latest developer diary.

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  • Awesome! I'm sad SR3 didn't do this for SR2 characters, but it's nice they didn't ignore the feature for this sequel.
  • A really good idea.
  • Goodness!
  • This is a fantastic and creative way to create excitement for a game before launch. "It's a free application." However, it is a Gold exclusive on Xbox Live.

  • Gotta love it when xbox is the only console that gets DLC ahead of time. (sarcasm). Good thing I got steam lol.

  • I wonder how a naked president would fare?
  • I figured it would be out today, the initiation station came came out 14 days before Saints Row: The Third released too.
  • Eh, I always like creating characters so I may give this a try, being free and all.  Doesn't change my feelings with SR4 though.

  • Gave it a go and it just confirmed that SR4 appears to be an extended DLC for SR3. As far as I can see all the customisation options are straight from the previous game, even down to the eye colours and skin tones. Nothing new. Slightly disappointing.
  • Nice idea. I plan to do that later this week.
  • I will import a character from SR3.

  • It's horrible that something that takes 5 minutes or less in the actual game and involves no gameplay whatsoever passes as a demo nowadays.

    Just so you kids know what I am talking about I shall explain. Back before all of our games were on the internet (read: before the PS3/360) we could get game discs that had 5-10 games on them and about 20-40 minutes of gameplay on them.
  • Neat little gimmick.

  • I have grown strangely attached to my SR3 character... Haha, excited to hear about this!

  • Eat you heart out George Washington. . .

  • Nice! I can import my SR3 char. And/or mess around with this thing. Really cool... but where are the pornstars?!?! :P
  •  Alright, I'm gonna go play it right now on my Playstation 3!


  • Oh good,I was hoping for that,I loved my SR3 character,good to have him back!

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