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Saints Row IV

Deep Silver Reveals The Return Of Johnny Gat

Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has shared something new for the upcoming fourth entry in Volition's over the top sandbox series. It started with a blurry tease that led into the biggest character announcement for the title yet.

Johnny Gat will make his return to stand by the Saints' side against the Zin invasion. Series fans might remember mourning the character voiced by Daniel Dae Kim. 

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Whether Johnny is back in the flesh or as a construct in the virtual Steelport is something we'll have to wait to find out. For now, we're just glad to have the trigger happy Saint back in the fold.

[Source: Twitter]

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  • I was really hoping they would bring him back

  • O_O I don't care how hes back but this is awesome gat is one of my favorite characters in the game I cant wait

  • Well but if the game is inside a computer like they said, this gat could just be a program. Well Im happy that he is back either way.

  • According to the third of which the same makes it apparent that he died and you could unlock him as a zombie homie insinuates that he's dead since that was the same fate as lin from the first saints row. Based on those facts, I would assume he's only alive in the virtual reality world.

  • I've been replaying SR3 and it struck me how obvious it was that he wasn't really dead. His death is completely off-screen, and you barely even hear it over the intercom. It's totally been debatable since the beginning whether he died or not, I'd be very surprised if he was only back in virtual form. Well, virtual-virtual form. You know what I mean.

  • I'm glad he is coming back. Thoughout SR3 I thought he would appear back when I got Zombie Gat, I found it stupid to not hear him back funny comments and hear his quotes. Cant wait to have him follow me all the time.

  • Why do I believe this Gat is not the real Gat. In fact the Computer World Gat. Though can still say that if Gat returns. He would be pretty much long side the Saints' Leader as a man they couldn't kill. After all the Leader was exploded and got better lol.

  • I will be glad to have him back regardless of how it is done.

  • I hope he's actually alive and not part of the grid.

  • Something tells me that hand gesture was suppose to be a middle finger.

  • Heck Yeah!!! This seriously made my day!

  • WOOH!! I knew they wouldn't let him stay dead!!

  • Gat was great, but I kind of moved on. Having him in VR is fine by me tho.

  • Back from the dead land ha?

  • I would care if i played SR for the story...

  • Gat is Back!!!!!!  Enough said!!!!!

  • I do not know what to think of this.

  • Can't wait!! :)

  • As much as I liked Gat (definately the coolest, most colorful character in the Saints) - dearly missed et cetera, as I did in fact mourn him -, but it's BS like this that makes the death of fictional characters meaningless. How lame is it to, say, kill Superman, make it a special edition, come up with all these sad events bleeding over to other character's comics, and then bring him back just because you can't think of a better character.

    I don't know what to think of this. I've been waiting for SRIV with great anticipation. :)