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Saints Row IV

Ten Minutes In Steelport Isn't Enough

If you played Saints Row: The Third, you know that Volition believes in going big early. The opening to that game was one of the craziest intros I can recall ever playing through. Saints Row IV is going to trump that.

In the following video, you'll hear from senior producer Jim Boone. Boone will walk you through the game's opening moments and some of the crazy open world superpowers that players will have access to in the virtual Steelport of the Saints Row IV.

Additionally, Deep Silver has announced that participating retailers will be offering two costumes to accompany pre-orders. For male characters, suit up as The Iron Rogue. Women can don the garb of Queen Amazonia.

Saints Row IV arrives on August 20, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • Well it makes sense why it is set in Steelport. It is not really Steelport. Which is fine. Still rather cool and be awesome fun either way.

  • Won't be a day one purchase for me, but I'll definitely pick it up once the price drops.

  • Geez, I can't wait for this to come out! Easily is the game that I'm most looking forward to

  • I had mixed feelings about Saints Row the Third, but I do plan on getting this.  An open world game with superpowers?  Sign me up!

  • Makes me want to run for president.


  • Well, the Aussies will never get to see this.

  • also is it me or is shaundi's.... chests getting bigger
  • I cannot wait to get my saint on!

  • Looks sic.

  • I'm hoping we get 4 player co-op this time. If that happens, I'm sold.
  • But it's a start.

  • I see a sexism debate coming our way. -.-*

  • Crazy Superpowered fun? In Saints Row? Oh heck yes.

  • How are they going to add DLC that's even crazier then this?
  • at first i thought this game would be to much but after watching it i like it and those powers go in lol

  • already pre ordered

  • This looks like pure, ridiculous fun.

  • I'm currently playing through saints row the 3rd again. and after seeing this i really hope its not the last one. i mean i know after you become president there isnt alot left for you to go up to as far as conquering goes but i mean these games have all been really fun and the more they make the funner they see to get.
  • So...Crackdown with ADHD