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Saints Row IV

E3 2013 Trailer Shows Off The President... All Of Him

It has begun! The first E3 trailers are rolling in, and the bar is already set high. Deep Silver and Volition have delivered the latest for Saints Row IV.

In the latest trailer, we see more of the President than we probably need to as he awakens in the Zin simulation. As he fights his way out, we get a chance to see the rest of the cast in action (including two Shaundis). Of course, one of the biggest attractions, superpowers, are on hand as the Commander in Chief flies through the air with nothing to encumber him. Nothing.

You can check out the new trailer below. Saints Row IV arrives for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 20, 2013.

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  • Anybody else think '***' King is based on (rip-off heh) Jamie Foxx's character, '***' Jones?

    Also, PLEASE tell me Robin Atkin Downes (male voice 3 / brit)is in it, please? I can't stand the voice in the trailer.

  • Good stuff, I love the dramatic musical cues accompanying the absurd visuals. While I do enjoy the older Saints Row games a bit more (1 & 2), I had a lot of fun with Saints Row The Third, and this looks to be just as good.  

  • Seeing as The Character is the President of the United States in this game, does this mean that the British voice option won't be available? Or can we expect some spectacular workaround?

  • Pre-ordered, but was having second thoughts. Now that Keith David is in, it's a definite buy....

  • Kieth David as Kieth David


  • a must buy for me

  • Ok I had my doubts, but that trailer convinced me, this is gonna be good xD!

  • If Sasha Grey isn't in this one it'll automatically be worse.

  • epic

  • epic

  • And introducing keith david as keith david haha

  • So Saints Row the Third never existed? Because I knew there was a HUGE gap and difference from part 2 and 3. Shaundi had dreadlocks and did weed a lot in part 2 and part 3 jumped to her as a a dark brown straight haired woman who acted way different especially Pierce.
  • No Zimos? Awwwww. :/

  • I'm pretty interested in seeing how having two Shaundis will work out

  • "Keith David as Keith David." SOLD. (not that everything else wasn't great but COME ON!)

  • I can't wait for this game! I love the Saints!! I'm super excited... I wonder if they have Viola still ?

  • The evil Zin empire will war against the People's Republic of Malbec and the war will be witnessed by the Alliance of California Reds.

    That's when ish gets real.

  • wow

  • Just when I thought it couldn't get anymore ridiculous!  I can't wait.