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Deep Silver Shows Off Ridiculous Saints Row IV Gameplay

What was once planned as downloadable content is now a full-fledged sequel, and new publisher Deep Silver debuted the first gameplay demo of Saints Row IV at PAX East. In a room at the Westin hotel in Boston, developer Volition ran through some features and abilities that gamers can look forward to in the upcoming open-world title.

At the outset of the game, you learn that your character has now been elected President of the United States. This was made immediately apparent thanks to a remix of "Hail to the Chief," as well as the fact that the character was decked out in full USA regalia (Uncle Sam hat, American flag pants, etc). Within seconds, the Commander in Chief was hitting pedestrians in the crotch and knocking them out with Stone Cold Stunners.

After a few more nutshots, we got a glimpse of some of the ridiculous new weapons. The Inflate-O-Ray does just what you'd guess, filling up human targets with air until their head looks like a hot air balloon just before it explodes. Another was the dubstep gun, which immediately makes pedestrians in the vicinity dance. Any cars in the area magically sport hydraulics and start bouncing up and down.

Weapon customization was a great system in the previous game, but it was strictly for function. In Saints Row IV, customization has been extended to include cosmetic upgrades. For one example, Volition showed how the standard bazooka could be modified to look like a guitar case ("El Fugitivo") or the Super Scope light gun for SNES (called the "Soopa Six" here).

Brand new to the series are the new superpowers, and they look like they'll be a blast to control. Your character can sprint at insane speeds, knocking cars and people out of the way. He can also jump ludicrous distances, glide/fly, and perform a move similar to the thunder drop in Infamous. Enemies and pedestrians can be turned into blocks of ice with an ice projectile, and they'll shatter when struck. Telekinetic abilities allow you to lift and throw objects at will, so you're free to toss trucks at pedestrians or throw a helpless old lady off of a skyscraper. Volition says that these superpowers can be used while firing standard weapons, so you won't have to worry about constantly switching back and forth.

Activities will be making a return, and this time they'll come with bronze, silver, and gold awards depending on your performance. One new activity we saw was Mech Suit Mayhem, which is similar to the previous game's Tank Mayhem but instead gifting you with a (you guessed it) bipedal weaponized mech suit.

We saw less than ten minutes of the game in action, but that was more than enough to make me confident that it's going to be a blast. Combining the already-great Saints Row gameplay with a wide array of new weapons and powers sounds like a surefire recipe for a good time.

  • Jesus, look at those eyeballs on the main page. They look like *** stop signs, they're so jagged.
  • I enjoyed The Third, but if this comes out around GTA V I'll likely be swayed in that direction
  • Sounds Awesome

  • The super powers sound like prototype but fun
  • OMG, this game sounds incredible. So ridiculous its awesome!

  • I don't know, man. How will this still be about car stealing if you can fly? I can already see a mission where we actually do jump a shark as Volition makes fun of itself. I don't know if I can handle this much craziness.
  • I can't believe Dan Ryckert wrote this.
  • Mod

    Oh man! I never got to play the 3rd one but I definitively want to get this one.

  • Yes. That is all.

  • Meh. Hopefully better than SR3. Hated that game. Boring as hell.
  • Since when was this announced?!?!??

  • I hate this series. Volition is better than this, but noooo... gamers celebrate the game where you beat people with dildos over much more ambitious, promising stuff like Red Faction and Descent and Free Space. Volition's story is one of the saddest in the industry. I feel bad for them. If THIS is what I needed to put out to have a successful game, I'd rather go out of business. This is like... I don't even know. TLC, the channel, I guess. They find "success" with garbage like Honey Boo Boo, which is overt garbage that is harmful to anyone it touches. But instead of just doing the right thing, admitting you're full of sh**, and going out of business and not poisoning the airwaves, they continue to exist and push that cr*p. That's like Saint's Row. Lowest Common Denominator stuff; the industry would be better without it.
  • I hope this doesn't turn out to be lacking on story. All these additions seem cool and all, but I'm worried that SR4 isn't going to have such a good story or be so polished. I mean it's coming out in August and it was only revealed a couple weeks ago. I don't know.. hopefully it doesn't flop.
  • The dubstep gun sounds amazing. I love that this game no longer tries to be like GTA. Volition just goes for straight up bonkers gameplay. It really gave the Saints Row franchise its own identity.

  • Nice, atlease they're not like most companies get scared and move their release date to a year back. See they know they can scrap in about 2 million buyers since it's GTA season and people are starving for some free roaming/car racing gameplay that you get from GTA and saints row

  • The title of this post was deceiving...

  • My friend was mad at the laser weapons in SR3 because they were too futuristic. I can't wait to see what he has to say about this.
  • Bing! Awarded for picking up SRIV on 1st day.

    So, when is it out again?

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