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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Guns, Monster Trucks, And Super Powers In Seven Minutes Of Gameplay

When critics and fans pinned descriptors like "absurd" and "over-the-top" and "running around pantsless," we didn't really intend them to be a challenge. Volition, bolstered and encouraged by new publisher Deep Silver, have interpreted the praise just so.

The curtain was pulled back on Saints Row 4 at PAX East, and we were there to cover it. Now, you can see what we saw, including super powers, crazy new weapons like the dubstep gun, and a mech that dances the robot.

The seven-minute developer walkthrough below covers new activities, the alien menace, visual weapon customization (in addition to Saints Row: The Third's upgrades), and a robot that dances the robot. 

You can take over the free world on August 20, 2013, when Saints Row 4 arrives for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • That was insane. Should be pretty fun.

  • Looks like a lot of fun. I passed on three, but I do believe I'll pick up four.

  • As someone who's only played the second SR, I can only watch that vid and think "What...the ****."

  • The only problem I have is that they are trying to pass this off as Saints Row. This ain't Saints row anymore, so why not change the name and stop sh!tting on what use to be a respectable franchise. Don't get me wrong, it looks fun, but it reminds me more of prototype or crackdown than Saints Row.

  • I just feel like GTAV is going to steamroll this game. It's a new developer so who knows but this just looks like SR3 to me. We'll see more at E3 I'm sure.

  • They stole the dub step gun from corridor digital

  • You want to know what the problem with Saints Row 1 and 2, it was too much like GTA

  • seems like just a big expansion rather than a new game. should go back to the OG thug style like SR1 and 2
  • any one else get goosebumps from the dubstep gun?

  • Looks stupidly awesome. Will definitely pick this one up.

  • I think Saints Row 2 was the best one. They balanced the serious storytelling that made it a GTA clone with the ridiculous awesomeness that was Septic Avenger to create a truly unique gaming experience. To this day, the Ronin arch is still one of the most amazing storylines I've ever played through. Then I saw the part with the superpowers and thought, "What the sh*t!?" I have no idea what happened to this franchise...One minute I'm cutting down an army of pimps with a katana (incidentally, one of the most amazing unscripted moments I've ever had in a game), I ignore the franchise for awhile, and then I see this bizarre and immature version of Crackdown...