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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Guns, Monster Trucks, And Super Powers In Seven Minutes Of Gameplay

When critics and fans pinned descriptors like "absurd" and "over-the-top" and "running around pantsless," we didn't really intend them to be a challenge. Volition, bolstered and encouraged by new publisher Deep Silver, have interpreted the praise just so.

The curtain was pulled back on Saints Row 4 at PAX East, and we were there to cover it. Now, you can see what we saw, including super powers, crazy new weapons like the dubstep gun, and a mech that dances the robot.

The seven-minute developer walkthrough below covers new activities, the alien menace, visual weapon customization (in addition to Saints Row: The Third's upgrades), and a robot that dances the robot. 

You can take over the free world on August 20, 2013, when Saints Row 4 arrives for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Anyone else notice that the superpower animations like jumping and gliding look like they were pulled right out of prototype?
  • GTA gonna eat this for breakfast.
  • This is absurd. I like it. Saints Row 3 just seemed a bit weird for me. It was like they wanted to be crazy and make jokes, but didn't want to go too far, and it just got stuck in this area that I just didn't find that entertaining. This, however, is just all sorts of crazy. I'm hoping they make it tiers. I don't want to start off with all those powers, I want to just keep upgrading my insanity.

  • Super powers? Anything but "Nanomacines son" Isn't a good enough excuse for this.

  • Wow, this looks wack. Looks exactly like SR3 with just some new added features that aren't really amazing. I can't help but feel like they're just trying to make a quick buck with this one. And I'm a Saints Row fan smh. I'll pass on this. GTA 5 >

  • saints row is fun because you can play as a everyday normal guy(not jon lajoie) and screw around. saints row two was good because it was still grounded with serious moments in it but you could still have fun running over old ladies. the third wasn't good because you couldn't be challenged with the enemies and you were in constant screw around mode even in the campaign.

  • SR4 is a must buy in my opinion

  • i'll just rent this i guess

  • Uncle Sam got an upgrade.

  • The main reason I was able to get into SR3 as much as I could was because of the over-the-top ridiculousness of it. This is a definite purchase for me.

  • What the hell? This is literally the exact same game as saints row 3. I am actually a little offended that they expect people to pay 60 dollars for this. Such ***. An idiotic game created for an even more idiotic generation.

  • so basically ur Superman as president who fires off dub-step guns hmmm some kinda crazy. might be interestin seein as Ive only played the 1st game slightly this might the time to jump in!

  • I really have a bad feeling about this one. THQ is gone and it looks like the new developers just rehashed SR3 and added a few new features and guns. I never mind sequels to games, but usually developers make sequels stand out compared to older titles in some way, not make them look exactly the same on every level.
  • ha ha love it

  • Steelport was boring. I'd be more impressed if they'd mixed Stillwater with Steelport thus making a larger virtual world.

    All this does is prove season pass is a joke at gamer's expense since this was supposed to be included with SR3 before they decided to expand the DLC into a full blown game.

    Not a lead in to SR4 mind you, that would make too much sense.

    I'll cop it used after I'm done barrel rolling through San Andreas.

  • I never played Saints Row 1 or 2 but I loved 3. I loved 3 because it wasn't some knock of GTA it was its own crazy things. If I wanted to play a game about a criminal rising the ranks in the underground that was semi realistic I would play GTA but sometimes I think its fun to run around and do absolutely crazy things like beat people to death with dildos or fly a helicopter plane with lasers and for the crazy I can get that from Saints Row. So I say knock up the crazy not dial it down.

  • It looks like a hell lot of fun, I'm disappointed Volition didn't improve the graphics... well, not that I care for graphics that much, but a slight update would have been great... The third looked dated as hell..

  • Looking insane, and I'm still not sure if it's in a good way. Wonder if this'll just be a dud and just stall for time until a next-gen Saints Row.

  • Really dont like how were coming back to Steelport. That city was so empty and it was quite small...