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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Guns, Monster Trucks, And Super Powers In Seven Minutes Of Gameplay

When critics and fans pinned descriptors like "absurd" and "over-the-top" and "running around pantsless," we didn't really intend them to be a challenge. Volition, bolstered and encouraged by new publisher Deep Silver, have interpreted the praise just so.

The curtain was pulled back on Saints Row 4 at PAX East, and we were there to cover it. Now, you can see what we saw, including super powers, crazy new weapons like the dubstep gun, and a mech that dances the robot.

The seven-minute developer walkthrough below covers new activities, the alien menace, visual weapon customization (in addition to Saints Row: The Third's upgrades), and a robot that dances the robot. 

You can take over the free world on August 20, 2013, when Saints Row 4 arrives for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Clearly this series doesn't care about things like 'Logic' and 'Decency'.

    Which is how I like my video games!

  • Is this secretly "Dan Ryckert: The Game"?

  • not to be a hater but this game looks like a big dlc....

  • dubstep? count me out.
  • yes i am  ready. over the  top here we  go.

    this game is just  insane.  glad  they  stepped away from being an  GTA  clone to being its own crazy thing

  • I'm not entirely a big fan of the direction that they decided to take the series. Saints Row was more of a GTA clone than anything, but I felt like Saints Row 2 really found an amazing blend of humor, insanity, and a very engrossing storyline. The Ronin storyline was probably one of the best videogame storyarchs I've ever played through.

  • I know this game does not make any sense, but it looks fun

  • Meh... I'll take GTA over this any day.

  • "Only Saints Row IV can offer weapons as strange and exotic as this." I guess these guys haven't played any Ratchet & Clank games.

  • Take my money already! D:
  • "next we're gonna do a little shopping, so why not take a monster truck to get there?"

    day-one purchase for me right there.

  • Dubstep gun....I love how this was just going to DLC then they just made it a sequal you can definetly tell how quick of a decision that was.

  • Am I the only one who notices the Black Box from Team Fortress 2?

  • This should have been DLC.

  • Lol, that dubstep gun is incredible.
  • I like the graphics but the gameplay is not for me.. Maybe 15-20 years ago, but this seems way to overpowered to be fun (for me)...

    I can see the appeal it might have, as a pure sandbox game though..

  • Wow, the superpower movement mechanics are like enhanced versions of Prototype's, and that is fantastic.

  • Why do they keep making these

  • The video looks great and its nice that we get a little more information on the game. There are a few things I like; The super powers: why? because in the previous version I made several comic book characters that would work great with the super powers. Aliens: Its nice to see a new enemy in the series even if they oddly remind me of what you dealt with in the third in regards to the military, except with a twist. Weapon customizing: Being able to change the look and feel of your weapons is a fresh change to the upgrades themselves all be it I was expecting it to be more of a 'change the color' kind of thing but still nice to be able to change the over all look. Mech availability: this makes for a nice change from running around in tanks and blowing stuff up, now you can get mechanized and blow stuff up.

    What I do not understand is, why the president? Do you really need to be the president in order to have super powers or fight aliens?

    Over all, If I can get a job or scavenge up some cash (without picking pockets or beating machines) I will get this game when it comes out.