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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Guns, Monster Trucks, And Super Powers In Seven Minutes Of Gameplay

When critics and fans pinned descriptors like "absurd" and "over-the-top" and "running around pantsless," we didn't really intend them to be a challenge. Volition, bolstered and encouraged by new publisher Deep Silver, have interpreted the praise just so.

The curtain was pulled back on Saints Row 4 at PAX East, and we were there to cover it. Now, you can see what we saw, including super powers, crazy new weapons like the dubstep gun, and a mech that dances the robot.

The seven-minute developer walkthrough below covers new activities, the alien menace, visual weapon customization (in addition to Saints Row: The Third's upgrades), and a robot that dances the robot. 

You can take over the free world on August 20, 2013, when Saints Row 4 arrives for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Looks like DLC for saints row 3
  • Mmm i was madly ripped off from the season pass of Sr3 but the super powers were incredibly fun while they lasted... will i be able to resist buying SR4?

  • Funny how GTA beats them when it comes to being serious AND comical.

    Yes fanboys, you read this comment correctly.
  • They could have just as easily taken all of these ideas and made a title and or titles that wasn't a saint's row game but at least had a cohesive storyline.

  • I like my Saint's Row mixed with Prototype too. Those powers will be fun.

  • I loved the first three Saints Row games and I believe that four is going to blow us all away. I can't wait!

  • Was watching this and thinking its totally stupid, a dubstep game? ugh. But then they showed the super powers and I'm sold. Looks like they mixed Prototype with Saints Row.

  • The super powers and melee combat in this game look really addictive. I love how much verticality there is now in the map and there is as much variety in things to do as ever. I'm sold.

  • *** is in the same city :/

  • This looks stupid awesome. That super fast runnning was amazing, the graphics looked absolutely amazing during it, it didn't really blur out but gave you an even better view of what's ahead. That's just awe-inspiring can't believe how good this game looks. Most of the powers have been seen in other games before, namely Destroy All Humans, then inFAMOUS, but is not in enough games, and looks crazy fun and well implemented here.

  • and here I was, thinking that SR3 was ridiculous...

  • the dubstep gun had me cracking up oh my god

  • Part of me wants to get this...and the other thinks that this game will be a watered down version of SR3. I guess I will just have to think about it as we get more info on the game.

  • The music is obnoxious. The game looks silly. I must be getting old. This has zero appeal to me. GTA 5 on the other hand? Day one, baby.
  • I loved playing Saints Row the Third, it was funny and wacky in all the right ways, and part 4 looks like it's going to be just as much fun. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Superpowers while being psycho!!!!  Oh this is gonna be fun!!!!!!

  • *sigh* i thought SR3 was enough. This is just looks all out ridiculous. I'll be sticking with Saints Row 2. They're doing WAY too much

  • dubstep gun looks pretty cool

  • The direction they are taking this franchise in is interesting to say the least. Playing the first game all those years ago I never would have thought it would turn out like this. But hey, I'm not complaining, the dubstep gun and the superpowers look especially fun.

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