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Sacred Citadel's Seraphim Arrives With The Wub Wub

There are some genres that tap into the arcade-loving center of my brain. I've always got time for side-scrolling brawlers like Deep Silver's upcoming Sacred Citadel. In the run up to next week's release, the game's Seraphim Mage class is in the spotlight.

Filling the role of offensive caster, the Seraphim can lay waste to foes with fire and ice while keeping a safe distance. She's just one of the four character types available to players when the game arrives next week. You can look for it on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network on April 17, 2013.

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  • Wow. The rock I must have been living under must've been pretty big, as I had no idea this game existed until now. Definite purchase once it releases.

  • Neinneinnein, this is not the Sacred game I want. 1 was great, 2 wasn't great but fun when played with a friend, but this, this I don't even want to look at.
  • Sold. Can't wait for this game and Dragons Crown. I love unique art style. Both day one purchase. Oh and Muramasa for Vita!

  • Looking quite interesting and promising it seems...

  • And to think, there's a ton pf people who are gonna write this game off because it's not Sacred 3. I don't even know what Sacred 3 is, but I do know this game looks awesome.

  • Totally forgot about it, thanx for the reminder GI, looks neat