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Sacred Citadel

Deep Silver Announces Beat 'Em Up Based On Sacred Series

Deep Silver has announced a new entry in its Sacred series, and it's a departure from Sacred's action-RPG roots. There's still an emphasis on action, though Sacred Citadel is focusing on the beat 'em up side of the spectrum.

Players can choose from three classes—warrior, shaman, and ranger—and take on a variety of orcs and other baddies. Judging from the trailer below, players will have their hands full. Enemies appear to range in size from "dude sized" to the classic "oh no, it's taking up the entire screen" scale. 

Loot and character customization were big components of the previous games, and it would certainly help the game's longevity if those features made the leap to Sacred Citadel. After all, smacking orcs around with an ax is satisfying, but a +10 War Ax of Reckoning Fire and Destructive Fleshrending is even better.

The downloadable game will be hitting the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sometime in 2013.

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  • I am all for beat'em ups, and I am aware of the cost for making another expansive world to the Sacred Universe, but now it just feels like DFO. Where as in Sacred 2 I could have a battle mage, or a true to form dark paladin that is non existant in other games. Now i will just be playing as a generic warrior with a huge axe...:( I give them crrdit for branching out and giving us more Sacred, but beat'em up is not the way to go.
  • Ehhh it looks like an okay game.

  • This looks fun. If it's fun, I'm sold.

  • RPG elements make every kind of game better. I love Castle Crashers, I loved Hard:Corps. The deeper the character building and customization the more I'll play.

  • Interesting choice of direction for the series I suppose...

  • maybe it will be cool.

  • Couldn't be much worse than "Sacred 2", that game fell apart after the opening cinema.

  • Any chance at a beatem up and im in. It needs to be an abysmal beatem up for me to pass. Darn you river city and double dragon for what you have done to me!

  • This looks pretty good, but hmmm