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Ryse: Son of Rome

Pair Of Trailers Tell Tales Of Revenge

When it comes to character motivation for a video game, revenge is tough to beat. Do you think we'd still be talking about Kratos if he mourned his losses quietly, like the rest of us have to? Ryse: Son of Rome is capitalizing on that idea, and a pair of new trailers show two different takes on vengeance.

In the first clip (below) we learn more about Marius Titus, whose family was slaughtered by barbarians. His quest for revenge takes Titus (and players) across the Roman Empire, leaving piles of limbs and pools of blood behind him.

The other new trailer tells the tale of Damocles. Betrayed by his generals and killed in the battlefield, he is given a chance to seek justice by Underworld's sympathetic goddess of vengeance, Nemesis. According to legend, Roman generals carried daggers with Damocles' emblem on them to avoid incurring the dark centurion's wrath.

For more information on the game, take a look at Tim's hands-on impressions.

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  • Not going to lie, Ryse is looking pretty damn good.
  • I love these trailers. Especially the first one. It's a much better way to raise hype for Ryse than animation trailers/gameplay trailers regarding this time period.
  • It looks pretty but it just how Perfect Dark Zero was for 360, pretty looking but the game was awful...I feel this will share the same fate.

  • Ryse is one of the games on next-gen I'm looking forward to, I haven't seen many Roman games.

  • "Rome. Is. Power!" That got me good. This game is going to surprise people.
  • I do not think this game looks good whatsoever if the gameplay is anything to go by. Linear, QTE heavy, and basically recounts the tale of Gladiator without gladiatorial arenas. I guess reviews will tell. Crytek is great for one thing though, and that is gorgeous graphics. I'll pretend they were handed to another team after Crysis one. Also sidenote: what kind of trailer was that? It was basically a long back-of-the-box advertisement.
  • The plot sounds a lot like God of War, but that second trailer was beautiful!
  • I love this time period, glad to see someone return to it for an action game, choosing the time when the empire is falling serves as a pretty awesome backdrop. Hopefully, Crytek irons out all the kinks. I wait with bated breath.
  • The game looks pretty, but also look kind of boring.

  • I can't wait to join Quicktimius Eventius on his quest!
  • I must say that even if I won't own a Xbone, this game looks freaking great !
  • I've seen a few negative articles about this game and I think it looks absolutely great and wish I could play it but I went with PS4. I've always loved anything that has to do with the Roman Empire, it kills me not to be able to play this.. Maybe I'll get one sometime way down the road, but this title looks epic.
  • wow this game looks impressive

  • I get a feeling this is one of those titles that every one will be talking about and comparing a few years Microsoft halo series
  • Looking to be a must have if your a fan of gladiator games or spartacus. Cant Wait

  • I don't think the combat will win any awards, but I think Crytek is doing the graphics and story right. Hopefully this will be like The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, God of War, etc. where the QTEs and interactive-movie gameplay are the only downside.

  • This trailer took 9,999 skipped dinners with families to make
  • Hard to believe it actually looks even better than the E3 build.

  • This still looks like an interactive movie to me, and not a particularly good one.

    I'd rather play something like Caesar III for decent gameplay in a Roman setting. And i'd rather watch the TV series 'Rome' for cinematic entertainment.

    I just don't see any point in this existing...

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