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Ryse: Son of Rome

New Trailer Goes Deep On Combat

In a new video documentary, the Ryse: Son of Rome team details the intricacies of combat. One thing becomes clear quickly, hacking and slashing is only going to get Marius Titus killed.

To make the sword-and-board combat feel authentic, Crytek worked with a weapons master. This generated animations and movements that otherwise would have been missed.

Ryse's combat is based on building combos and flowing from enemy to enemy. The team built in a variety of different environment-sensitive executions that take into account water, surfaces to pin enemies up against, and more.

You can see the title in action below and read our preview from Gamescom 2013.

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  • There better be dismemberment in Ryse. It's Roman combat for f's sake!

  • I have to say, this was more interesting when it was a Kinect game, because it was at least trying to be something new or different. Now it just looks like any other game.  It's very pretty, but most things are when you have new consoles.  Even Lair was pretty.

  • Every single hands-on write up I've read has not had kind words for this game. Of course, given that it's a Crytek game, that doesn't really surprise me. Their games have always been gorgeous to look at, but completely soulless elsewhere.
  • So it's Arkham City, but by way of Heavenly Sword, but without what made both of those games' combat systems fun. So it'll be the next "SHINY" game that inexplicably isn't actually that fun a game yet gets GOTY awards?
  • this trailer actually may have changed my mind a bit about the game. I thought it was all quick time events style combat, but this looks better.
  • Looks interesting I guess.

  • Doesn't look that good. Looks repetitive. Unfortunate too.

  • cant wait for real.

  • Wow, quite the mo-cap. Sweet, but not for me though. Nice moves, but still only a few of 'em, not enough to be very diverse, imho.

  • Well the game..certainly looks nice I suppose..I still have no idea on how this game is gonna go..Il just have to wait for reviews.


  • I really like the way this game looks right now. Difficult to gauge how the final product will really turn out, but right now, it looks like something I'll really enjoy.
  • I played the multiplayer of this game at GameStop Expo last week. It was pretty bad. Unpolished and boring. Very buggy with weird twitchy animations, horrible enemy AI, texture pop-ins, stuff like that. The combat is anything but deep. Hacking and slashing is all it is. Maybe you'll come across an enemy that blocks! Shield bash him, proceed to hack and slash. Very simple. Very repetitive. That being said, I did only play one match of cooperative multiplayer and nothing else. But the fact that it was just under three months away from launch makes it pretty concerning.

  • I think I'll stick with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on PC ^_^ Horribly optimized, but definitely visceral. And yes, it has dismemberment... and an uncomfortably gory sound library lol

  • The execution animations look really cool, other than that, the combat looks goofy

  • The execution animations look really cool, other than that, the combat looks goofy