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Ryse: Son of Rome

New Trailer Goes Deep On Combat

In a new video documentary, the Ryse: Son of Rome team details the intricacies of combat. One thing becomes clear quickly, hacking and slashing is only going to get Marius Titus killed.

To make the sword-and-board combat feel authentic, Crytek worked with a weapons master. This generated animations and movements that otherwise would have been missed.

Ryse's combat is based on building combos and flowing from enemy to enemy. The team built in a variety of different environment-sensitive executions that take into account water, surfaces to pin enemies up against, and more.

You can see the title in action below and read our preview from Gamescom 2013.

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  • I heard the multiplayer was just horrible.....(not joking)...but I bet the single player will be amazing
  • Still looks like a shallow 'meh' kind of game.

  • The combat looks to be strategy based combination of Arkham City and God of War. This....actually looks pretty good.
  • Every trailer looks the same. Anyone else thinking this will be extremely repetitive?
  • I don't care what people say, I'm looking forward to this game. It just sucks that I have to wait until November 22nd. What the hell Microsoft?!
  • We look at this and look upon these amazing graphics but when we get the games ourselves, they would look like any ordinary game. It's never about the gameplay and fun like before, everyone cares for what looks amazing but it doesn't feel amazing.
  • I chuckled at the articles title.  Yes, I'm still immature apparently.

    More to the point, everything I hear about this game is that the experience is lackluster.  The controls aren't incredibly responsible and it's a fairly railed experience.  I hope the dev can make some needed changes before launch day.

  • What these people say and what I've seen thus far is contradictory. At least the graphics are on point!
  • centurions aren't really that good one on one but i can suspend beleif enough to try it out

  • yes, 'spunk gargle wee wee' I believe it was described as

  • I like some of the camera angles trough out the fights, but I am a little concern of the executions and pulling you out of the moment/chain combos, hope it does well. Ohh and that Crytek engine looks awesome as always.

  • I just can't get excited for this game. I'll just wait for reviews on it.

  • it's a beat 'em up hack and slash with a little strategy to it gameplay it's like a better version of that shadow of rome game on ps2 whenever you move to a next gen sysytem the first game's are mostly if not always 75% about showing you how much the graphics can and will impress now and into the future and these graphics are very impressive.i'm a huge fan of beat 'em up's so im truly looking foward to this game.

  • GOTY guys.

    This is like a pretty looking(sometimes) Dynasty Warriors game with a bad fighting system.
  • I can understand why people were hating on this based on the E3 demo, but now the game looks like a competent hack & slash. Everyone used to love hack & slash games, but "RYSE is just evil because reasons!" I don't get why anyone should hate this other than the fact that it's not innovating. It looks like a pretty fun game to me.
  • Deep Combat and Ryse should never been in the same sentence.

    I see they got rid of the QTE prompts though so maybe they are listening but still it seems like you have zero control over the executions and that's boring. I don't want to swing my sword twice and then see a prompt,push a button to do something "awesome" and then watch a freaking movie.

    Also I don't understand why they are worried about people getting angry that they can't beat something in the game. I'm tired of the hand holding that goes into development nowadays just because some people don't like to use their minds when they play video games. Stop pandering to those idiots and tell them to get good.
  • As much as I want to like this game, the animations are so instant. The guy does like 180s and 360s instantly. The game is running at 60fps but those transition animations are running probably less than half. It just looks choppy. Give us 60fps animations please so it looks smooth please :)
  • Love it

  • This is the only game at all that I'm super interested in that Microsoft has. If I ever buy a One down the line this will be my title for sure!! I really like the combat too, a different change than most hack n' slash games.

  • This game is looking pretty good. Hopefully Ryse gets some good reviews.

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