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Ride to Hell: Retribution

A New Trailer Rolls Into Town

Ride to Hell: Retribution is full of motorcycle-themed violence, and you can see the latest in the new trailer released by publisher Deep Silver. Sure, it's no Sons of Anarchy, but the show undoubtedly has influenced the vision for this title.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the action as the main character interacts with some shady motorcycle gang characters. If that doesn't draw you in, maybe the shooting, punching, and explosions will be more your style.

To see more of Ride to Hell: Retribution in action, check out this trailer.

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  • yeah... that looks pretty dumb.
  • Think I might just replay The Lost and the Damned again.  

  • this looks sub par, reminds me of the crotch stomping game you guys replayed not too long ago.

  • Is it still open world or no?
  • ive actually been awaiting this game since it was announced glad its finally coming out ...... here's hoping its at least decent

  • The graphics look like they were good a couple years ago. It sort of reminds me of a subpar Shadows of the Damned with a different story. But it COULD have promise. Still need to see a bit more from it.

  • meh...

  • Looks so hilariously bad and just plain bad all at the same time. . .

  • Actually looks kind of fun with all its action. Kind of like a crazy saints row with motorcycles.
  • Yo that guy looks like Jim Raynor

  • Thanks, but I'll pass.

  • This is why I don't care about Road Redemption, and won't kickstart some money towards them. If I had to guess which one would have more promising Road Rash-inspired combat, I'd bet on Ride to Hell pulling it off. Eutechnyx only has racing experience; if anything will be great, it's gonna be the motorcycle stuff.

    I get most of my arcadey racer fix from open world games these days - Sleeping Dogs, for example. I'll buy this just for quality motorcycle combat. Here's hoping it reviews decently.

    Btw, EA is full of sh**. They've claimed forever now that a new Road Rash is hard to pull together because of the UK. And how motorcycle gangs and culture are a much bigger problem there than here - kinda like how they had problems with ninja in the 80's (remember Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles?). Which is why they refused to greenlight Criterion's, Black Box's and Backbone's Road Rash prototypes into full production over the past decade. They claimed it wouldn't sell in European markets. DEEP SILVER IS A EUROPEAN PUBLISHER! And they seem fine with it. If EA were a person, I'd kick them in the balls so hard....

  • GTA meets Sons of Anarchy?...... GTA meets Full Throttle?

    Even though the gfx dont look super good,this could be fun,but i would have to see some game play before i could decide if its worth my time.

  • What's this coming out on?

  • The concept of an open world biker is cool, but this just looks bad.

  • I remeber reading a cover story about this game in a European game magazine back in early 08' and I was pretty intrigued by the premise.  And for over 5 years I've not heard a single word about this game. I'm still curious about it but it's not something I'll be buying new. Is this game still going to take place in the 1960's?