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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's Nemesis Mode

We could all use a Nemesis in our lives to make things easier from time to time. Find out how you can get one on your side in this 360-exclusive mode.

This multiplayer mode tasks either side with finding and activating a dormant Nemesis. Do that, and you can have him on your side to spread destruction down on your foes.

Check out this trailer and the screens below for more. You can also take a look at the game's last single-player trailer as well.

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  • Xbox 360 exclusive? Thats a load of crap. Way to go Capcom, turning your back on the system that your series was born on.
  • Hmm, well I was already planning on getting it for the Xbox so this doesn't bother me too much. Still... console exclusive content isn't cool.
  • Stop making me want to buy this game.

  • Sucks that Nemesis mode is a 360 exclusive, not all of us have the expendable income for multiple consoles. But I'm sure that it'll be PS3 dlc before long. But if not, it's not a biggie, I doubt us PS3 owners will be missing much

  • I am going to laugh at the team who fails at waking him up, and must face him. This is going to be loads of fun!

  • It's getting farther and farther away from a real resident evil game. Still excited though!

  • It's getting farther and farther away from a real resident evil game. Still excited though!

  • I hope the Nemesis has persistent health and outward appearance to match. Regeneration or healing on super high health units such as this are what breaks balance more than anything else... and simply being able to tell if the nemesis has taken some damage would help to keep the opposing team from being inevitably crushed.

  • Too bad its an Xbox 360 exclusive. I still can't wait for this game, though.

  • Maybe if this "PS3/XBOX is best" macho afficionado mentality ended and all console owners demanded that every consoles got the same amount of content?

    I mean, come on, for ***'s sake. Both consoles have the exact same controllers with different revlon on.

  • Mod

    in a girl girly voice *staaaaaars*

  • hell yes

  • My only thing with this is it doesn't look like Nemesis runs. Unless i'm not paying that close attention. That used to be the most terrifying thing about RE3 I thought.

  • Glorious!

  • Then if the 360 is getting a mode with Nemesis as a teammate then I suggest Capcom release a PS3 only mode where your team goes against Nemesis like a co-op boss fight where everyone has to work together to stop Nemesis.

  • Exclusive to 360 eh? Well, if Slant Six is going to say F**** you to Ps3 owners, I'll say f**** you to slant six and not buy their crappy game. Shove it up your ass Capcom.
  • It's really funny that people who play Xbox get to watch PlayStation get exclusives all year long and then the second Xbox gets one small exclusive Sony fans B**ch to no end.
  • so handsome the ...thing is ! ...hasn't aged.

  • whoa im gald i got this on xbox this is going to be awsome.