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Combat Requires More Than Mere Button-Mashing

Capcom has released a new video for Dontnod Entertainment's upcoming action game Remember Me. The six-minute clip breaks down the game's customizable combo system, which looks like it should keep players busy for quite some time.

The system is laid out by the game's creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris. Players have four combo slots, which they can tweak in Remember Me's Combo Lab. Each slot has eight subslots, and players can fill them up with attacks and abilities. They're called Pressens in the game's vernacular, and they fall under four different categories: region, power, cooldown, and chain. Watch the clip below to see how players will be able to mix and match different combos to take out specific enemies, such as shielded goons and robotic attackers. It sounds a little complicated, but the video does a great job of explaining it all.

If you'd like to see more of Remember Me, take a look at this 10-minute slice of gameplay from Gamescom.

Remember Me is due out in May 2013.

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  • I love this concept. It reminds me of Godhand's create-a-combo system. I hope more games follow suit and implement some form of combo customization in the next generation of games.

  • Idk, it looks very ambitious, but it's an unproven developer. Just have to wait and see.

  • Some great ideas and, from what it looks like, some great execution. Definitely looking forward to this game.
  • This game looks quite the mix of something between Mass Effect's and Crysis' graphics and a storyline akin to Syndicate or Deus Ex. Awesome.

  • What an awesome concept! I look forward to seeing more. =)

  • Now that I've started watching Kaiba, the entire premise of this game feels like a cheap knockoff.

  • This game looks outstanding.  I'm digging futuristic vibe, and the combat looks great, I can't wait to see more!

  • I'm actually looking forward to this game.  Early signs are pointing to some epic gameplay.

  • Honestly, the poor acting is a major turn-off for me. This just looks like an Arkham City Uncharted wannabe.
  • Nice to see another female protagonist for once.
  • That's a pretty interesting concept.  That's actually a pretty big selling point for me, hope that this works out because it would cool to see this become a standard in these button-masher.  As if that "memory remixing" aspect wasn't enough.

  • You have my attention.

  • o3o i want to plaay.

  • Woah, I am loving the combo creation, really allows you customizable fighting. But it also looked pretty complex system, but I think it certainly has potential.

  • Sounds decent

  • The game is looking great to me. Can't wait to get it next year!

  • LOOKS promising. But that's the problem with all the Capcom titles as of late: They show a lot of promise but never deliver: Mind Jack, Alpha Protocol, Dark Void, etc. This will get a metascore of about 60%

  • Hey Capcom! Give this one everything you got.  This could be ***!  Get some better writers, put every dollar into this game that you got.  Just think about Square when they made Final Fantasy as a last resort.  Then triumphed in the eyes of little children across America all the way to Japan.  If you screw this up im done with you.

  • I love the combo system. You actually have to plan how to combat different enemies rather than relying on a simple direct strike and counter strike. The futuristic Paris setting looks fantastic and the Assassins Creed stealth gameplay looks like a blast. Day one purchase for me.

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