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Remember Me

A Ten Minute Glance Of Remember Me That You Won't Forget

There were a lot of people at Gamescom this year, but in case you happened to miss it, here's a second shot to check out the demo of Remember Me that Dontnod Entertainment brought to the show.

Get a closer look at how Nilin will navigate through Remember Me's sci-fi world as well as the game's combat in the following video:

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  • Looks amazing! First time i have heard/seen it, release date?
  • That helicopter reminded me of SR3 lol

  • Aha, clever title for the article. I'm intrigued by the overall concept, will definitely remember to keep an eye on this one.

  • Yeah... I'm gonna' go reserve that now.
  • Something about this reminds me of Deus Ex
  • the animations are too stiff ..
    the slow motion bit was not accurate .. I mean the bullets were in motion ..even faster
    couldn't their so-called captain shoot her while she was fighting ?
    and are those feeble punches of hers supposed to knock a trained soldier out ,eh!?
    give me a break !
  • Staff
    I like the atmosphere, but I'm more interested in seeing the memory/puzzle elements than the action. Also, that helicopter gunner is a horrible shot. :P
  • Sweet visuals and a couple interesting mechanics.

  • looks cool but nobody could miss that many times

  • First i've heard of this, looks really fun.

  • First Ghost in the Shell and now Matrix, I'm sold to be honest, anyone else getting the same vibe?
  • After the announcement of Watch Dogs, this comes across as a similar but less compelling concept, in my opinion. I can't speak for which actually came first, but Capcom's timing isn't great.

  • Uncharted meets Deus Ex meets Assassin's Creed meets Total Recall? Color me interested.

    On a side note, it's nice to see a female character that can be "sexy" while wearing, you know, clothes. Voice acting seems pretty good too.

  • I've already forgotten.

  • Mod

    well those ten minutes will be.... REMEMBERED BY ME.... puns puns puns puns puns.

  • New IP in a futuristic setting? Im sold

  • I love everything except the lead voice actresses delivery of some of the lines, just a bit of the wrong side of ham and cheese.

  • The environment is of a nice style but the characters immediately felt very "video-gamey" with lack-luster animation and some poor dialogue compared to other titles in recent history.
  • This looks freaking awesome. 2013 is too far away...

  • This game looks cool. I feel like it's got some combat from the Batman games and the climbing sections from Enslaved, which, to be honest, is holding me back. I'd like to figure out which way to climb on my own, or have subtle hints as to where to go, instead of some marker that will always show you where the next big set piece is. That's kinda my only concern about this game, everything else looks great.
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