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Real Boxing

Vivid Games' Trailer Shows Brutally Real Boxing On Sony's Handheld

In May we learned that Vivid Games is making a realistic boxing game for the Vita. Now we have a trailer and a release date.

The new trailer below features gameplay footage and teases some of the game's motion-control capabilities. If you want more, our earlier preview outlines Real Boxing's campaign mode and shows off some screens.

Real Boxing will release via PlayStation Network on August 27 for $9.99.

  • So apparently in real boxing no one ever throws jabs... good to know

  • I'm pretty sure people don't gush blood out of their cheeks after every hit in actual boxing...
  • "Another negative comment about the game..."
  • I like boxing games, so this might be fun.

  • Well, ya got that headline right Brian. . . :P

  • Everyone get prepared for real mediocrity.

  • Ughh...look at those punches! I don't know if this is real boxing.

  • looks like fight night for regular xbox .....horrible

  • It's about time we got a good boxing game!!!

    On another note, if boxers really landed that many punches to the head in the average real life fight, we'd have a lot of dead professional boxers. Seriously. 40% of a real boxing match consists of the ref breaking the fighters up, 30% is the fighters landing body blows or missing punches completely, and 20% is actual solid punches to the head/knockouts.

  • I'm surprised EA didn't want to throw in a Fight Night on the Vita...with the dual analogs, it would've been a perfect game to add to the handheld. I mean, I'm only assuming that EA has some kind of trademark on the analog controls, since most their sports games have it, and nobody else has aped it.

  • This looks like it still needs a bit of polish