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Real Boxing

Unreal-Powered Boxing On The Way To Vita

This August, developer Vivid Games is set to release Real Boxing for the PlayStation Vita. Running on the Unreal Engine, the game seems to focus heavily on visual and mechanical realism.

Real Boxing will allow players to customize fighters and take them from amateur status to stardom. Each boxer’s movements have been motion captured, and bodies twist and break “in gory detail.” The developer also plans utilize the system's touch features in an unexplained, hopefully graceful capacity.

Real Boxing releases this August for the Vita via PlayStation Network.

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  • I feel like this game will suck. Like a lot. I think it is the name "real boxing"...But, I'm obviously not gonna make any serious judgements,yet, it just seems like one of those lame money grabs that are commonly found on portable devices. We will see, though

  • Brian, you totally missed the joke potential of a game with "Real" in the title being powered by "Unreal"!
  • Looks interesting, but will it blend? ;-)

  • I have to keep my eye out for this one. The Vita could use a good boxing game. I just hope it actually turns out to be good.

  • Who farted?

  • I wanna see the preview for Fake Boxing more. Joking aside, looks fine to me.

    Nice to see your first article (as far as I know) Brian!

  • Two pages for this short story bums me out.

  • This looks exactly like a free game I have on my phone.
  • Isn't this that game they showed off with project Shield?

  • looks cool, but this makes me want another fight night :P. loved those games. i preferred fight night 3 the most though. it was the most satisfying and not as unforgiving. my personal opinion.
  • I hope it does well.

  • I'd rather play fur real boxing based on the fur real friends line of toys.

  • This has me wishing the Fight Night series would be on the Vita...it would play perfectly, especially with both analog sticks.

  • "Nah!"

  • that video game look sup graphic   also the  move  punch

  • Looks pretty damn good.  Wonder if it'll perform good too.