In addition to providing a look at the creation of Rain's musical score, Sony has announced the release date and price for Japan Studio's artistic adventure game.

In the video, Rain composer Yugo Kanno discusses his approach and goals for the game's soundtrack, which led him to collaborating with bandoneon player Hirofumi Mizuno. If you don't know what a bandoneon is, you should really watch the video. You'll also hear from pint-sized British vocalist Connie Talbot, who describes what it was like singing the main theme.

Sony also announced the release date and price for Rain. Players can buy the downloadable game from the PlayStation Store for $14.99 on October 1. If you preorder before September 30, you'll receive an XMB theme, five hand-drawn avatars, and a music montage made from in-game songs. For more on the game, check out the first developer diary, discussing Rain's somber environments. 

[Source: PlayStation Blog]