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Developer Diary Explores Being Lost And Alone

Sony has been (at least in part) responsible for a number of gorgeous and emotionally provocative titles on its platforms. The publisher is set to pull heartstrings once more this fall with Rain.

In the first developer diary for the title from Acquire and Sony's Japan Studio, we hear from Tomoharu Fujii (lead planner and level designer), Seiichi Terashima (art director and main character/level designer), and Tomokazu Oki (enemy and map designer) about how Rain will explore the sensation of being lost in an unfamiliar world.

Rain features protagonists that have become invisible, only to be seen by the rain and other water coursing around their forms. As the boy explores the city, he encounters a girl in the same situation. The two will find out what has happened to them together.

Rain is due this fall on PlayStation 3.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • This sounds really cool.

  • This game looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun. I wish they would give a release date/window.

  • This will be a day one buy for the brain.

  • This game looks great! It's games like these that I think just blows away the argument that video games can't be art. Obviously, not every game is art, but games like these...they deserve to be called art.

  • I genuinely can't believe Acquire, of Tenchu fame, is doing this for SCEE. It REALLY seems like a Team ICO game, which is a great thing. Hey, I loved Tenchu as much as the next guy - especially the last true one, on Wii - but this is a completely different level here. It's got so much Ico-like charm. Such an intriguing world, a central relationship with a compelling AI character, beautiful music and moments...

    This is honestly a huge surprise. I know the PS4 is a big deal, but with Puppeteer and Rain coming to PS3 this holiday season, I think I'm gonna be just fine with my current Sony console:)

    On a sidenote, it's great to see Sony's Japanese developers make a comeback between these two and Knack. After frickin' Playstation All-Stars, I was pretty convinced that Sony had just decided to ignore and/or abandon them. Which is super stupid, considering it's the Japanese devs who built some of Sony's strongest and most well known franchises. You can push your Infamous' and Killzones all you want Sony; but I'm a fan 'cuz of games like Jumping Flash, Ape Escape, Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon, Shadow of the Colossus, LocoRoco, Gravity Rush and Tokyo Jungle. It's honestly pretty disgusting how badly PS All Stars ignored the Eastern side of the Playstation brand's history.
  • great post

  • Sounds like fun

  • Been waiting for this since it was first announced.

  • I can't wait to play this :D