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Cutting A New Trailer For The PS3 Platformer

Watching trailers in different languages can often make games seem bizarre or surreal, but this effect seems to compounded in the latest video for Puppeteer.  

The game is a crafty, unconventional platformer with strange bosses and heads with special powers. When you add in a variety of levels and the ability to cut up the environment, you get a charming-looking game with lots of potential.

Puppeteer releases in North America on September 10.

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  • This game looks great, but it's weird to see a game look so strikingly similar to LBP in presentation, mechanics and physics yet that game not be developed by MediaMolecule. Ever weirder it's a PS3 exclusive, unless they just sent Japan their engine.
  • Wow... I am very impressed.

  • God I cannot wait for this god damn annoying its going under so many peoples radars..
  • What did I just watch?

  • interesting, guess gonna get that on the sept. 10th

  • I'm sinking in an eternal abyss of games I need to play. Seeing how I can justify this one as a purchase for the kids, maybe my wife won't b!tch...much.
  • This game looks so cool. It evokes so many amazing sidescrollers from the past, like Dynamite Headdy (kind of obvious really), Donkey Kong Country, and Goemon/Mystical Ninja. I'm fully onboard with this, and also Sony's Rain. They're bringing some seriously quirky titles to the PS3 this holiday season - I'm hoping the final games are as good as they are unique!

  • At least in presentation and looks this game seems to be awesome, I'll definitely keep tabs on this game.

  • This game still looks great, but this trailer really missed out from unbelievably awesome General Cobra.

  • Puppets with exchangeable heads as special abilities.

    Whole games takes place on a stage.

    Varying settings.

    Did they just rip off Dynamite Headdy? (kinda' harsch word, but it's strangely similar)

  • Mod

    Oh man! I forgot about this! It looks amazing.

  • this looks soo cute.. and nice didnt know / remember release date .. so extra :)