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Meet The Bosses Of Puppeteer

The PlayStation 3 exclusive Puppeteer is about a month away, and to build excitement Sony has revealed details on some of the game's bosses.

Above you will see Generals Horse, Snake, and Cobra (their names aren't very creative), and in the gallery below you can find Generals Tiger, Rat, and Pig. The PlayStaiton blog has full breakdowns of each of the bosses, as well as animated gifs that showcase some of their battle tactics.

These bosses represent six of the planned 13 bosses that will appear in the game.

Puppeteer is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on September 10 in both retail and digital download forms. For more on the game, you can check out the most recent trailer and screens.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Gifs? Well, this is new and lagging slightly.
  • The gifs are a nice touch!

  • I'm really excited for this game. Always great to see Sony letting their first party's do something unique and different.
  • You know, it feels a little weird to me how much General Cobra looks like a bull. Actually thinking about the bosses though, the correlation between them and the Zodiac, even if unintentional or just by coincidence, has given the last interesting thing about this game that has made me certain that this will be the first game I will be getting when I get a PS3.
  • Damn this game is stylish!

  • Ehh these gifs are a bit laggy guys..

  • i can't wait to play this.

  • Mod

    let the gif loop twice and it should run fast if you have stable internet.

  • Very neat looks they have.

  • This reminds me of that other puppet game with the skeleton cowboy.
  • Sorry Puppeteer, but there's only one game I'm looking forward to next month, and it's the same game everyone else has been waiting so long for. Of course I'm talking about Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver! I already have the Platinum Collectors Edition paid for. Can't wait!!!:)

  • GIFS!!!! On a more serious note, what's with the dress wearing horse?
  • Looks great!

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  • Ahhh, Sony's Gunstringer.  Looks pretty nice.