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New Puppeteer Trailer

We have new trailer for Puppeteer, the upcoming platformer from Sony's Japan studio. Players take control of Kutaro where they must escape the Moon Bear King's dungeon. Be sure to check out Jeff Cork's preview from Gamescom for more on how the game plays.

Puppeteer is out in 2013 for PlayStation 3.

  • Looks like it may be fun
  • this game looks awesome. too bad it's destined to be a sleeper hit. i wish gamers were more open minded to new ideas.
  • Didn't know this was going to be a retail release. Don't know how they plan to charge $30-$40 bucks for it.

  • this was different. I'm definitely open to the idea though. Seemed like it could be fun

  • This is what it would look like if Little Big Planet and Trine had a baby.

  • Mod
    We haven't really seen too much other than the couple of trailers released, but I'm really excited about it. Good on Sony for picking up such a "different" title.
  • creepy me gusta! :D

  • It looks reall nice but It'll depend on the price whether I buy it. I hope it has a discount for PlayStation Plus members
  • I'm shocked that this message board isn't full of people gushing over this game. This looks like the amazing. I couldn't bare it if they stopped making games like this. I will gladly pay retail for Puppeteer when it comes out.
    Edit: If the end of this trailer is a plug for 3D capabilities I'll cry. That Bandicootesque running at the screen session will look beautiful on the 60 inch Bravia in 3D.
  • Very cool trailer. Color me interested.

  • Still rather disturbing and awesome at the same time, glad to see one company that still knows how to put out a new and original IP.

  • The old lady puppet reminded me of the old lady in Spirited Away .o.

  • This game looks brilliant! it also reminds me of another game in development... I am blanking on the name but its something about a Dark Knight. And it also takes place in this staged/story book setting.
  • WTF
  • The level design looks fantastic!

  • Oh the Japanity!
    Kind of a cool mashup of visual styles.
  • wow that was super weird and quirky, I was so confused watching it and oddly now I want to play it

  • Man Bear Pig?
  • People create weird games sometimes. But it's Japan too. Japan is weird.

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