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Sony's Puppeteer Reveals The Next Stage On PS3

Puppeteer’s hero, Kutaro, has to escape from the Moon Bear King’s dungeon to an oversized kitchen and beyond. Of course he has to replace his head first. As though getting turned from a boy into a puppet wasn’t humiliating enough, the Moon Bear King tears off Kutaro’s head and swallows it whole. You can start scratching your head right about now. Sony Japan’s new game Puppeteer merges unique visuals with an intriguing head-replacing twist.

The game is set on a puppet stage, and the concept is sold in part thanks to its slapstick comedy (think pratfalls and slide whistles) and exaggerated oohs and ahhs from an offscreen audience. Transitions between screens help to sell the idea. When players leave the single screen, the stage shakes and disappears and reforms as though set up by invisible stagehands. We saw one sequence with Kutaro climbing a corkscrew-shaped tower, so don't think that the action is limited by the puppet theater’s boundaries.

Players scour the world for new heads, which all have unique abilities. The spider head allows Kutaro to interact with a giant arachnid, while a cheeseburger head lets him summon springy burgers into the world. There's no word on how many heads will be in the finished game, though creative director Gavin Moore says to think of a large number. When enemies hit Kutaro, his head rolls off, and players have three seconds to retrieve it. Otherwise, he loses one of his three lives.

You’ll take control of two characters during your adventure. There's the main hero, Kutaro, and also a ghostly cat companion named Yin Yang. The cat doesn’t seem to be entirely enthusiastic about their relationship, which could create an interesting dynamic as the story progresses.

Puppeteer's presentation allows developer to push the ps3 in ways that wouldn't have been possible in a traditional 3D game. Moore says the game's real time lighting rig contains more than 140 individual lights, and while I couldn't count them all in the demo, the game’s impressive visuals certainly make his claim seem reasonable.

The demo ended as Kutaro retrieved a pair of magical scissors from the Moon Bear King’s secret stash. They weren't powered up, but even in their basic state they could slice apart weblike filaments, which opened up platforms for Kutaro to hop onto.

 Puppeteer looks like it’s going to be another much-needed game that appeals to audiences young and old—similar to LittleBigPlanet’s accessible, yet compelling, design. Construction and level sharing didn't play into the demo, though Moore wasn't ruling out the possibility that those tools might be in the game. Regardless, what he showed in the demo was impressive enough all by itself.

Look for Puppeteer in 2013 on the PlayStation 3.

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  • Interesting. Nice to see another game that appeals to audiences of most ages.

  • Dynamite Headdy 2?!
  • Well it has an interesting premise going for it. Can't wait to see more.

  • sony: that company that hasn't forgot games are art.
  • Looks quirks and interesting. Hope it does well.

  • This looks very interesting.

  • I've always admired the risks that Sony is willing to take with new IP's, from the PSone era to now.
  • Sounds good I'll give it a go

  • Unveiled right on the heals of Wonderbook (which isn't a bad premise just should not dominate core game conference's limited showcase opportunities), I was a bit skeptical but the presentation totally changed my mind.  And extremely creative concept with some apparent personal investment from its creator.  I think this will end up as another under appreciated Sony masterpiece.

  • Speaking of lbp... at first glance, did anyone else think the person (or puppet) at the top look sort of like a sackboy, and the circle resembles the collage earth in lbp?
  • Sony Japan makes some great and novel games, this looks like another one.

  • Is it a Move game or just DualShock? I think it would be great for Move.
  • This looks really neat, seems like a more narrative focused, graphically smooth version of LBP, which could be quite amazing if different.

  • So first Andrew Loyd Weber makes a game and now Tim Burton (I know he really didn't make this game). God this is scary, looks meh though. I'll wait and see what you the pros say about this game. By the way i hope you have to play it for review for making Tim play that awful game that is Cyberia. I guess it's his punishment for constantly making awful puns and torturing you guys with them. I can only imagine that it happens more than we the viewers are privyed to, when he's not on camera. It's either that or his awful desk dancing.

  • Manbearpig?

  • this game looks really amazing, I want to see more

  • look same near cool wall LittleBigPlanet share

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