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Prey 2 E3 Shots Show Off Bounty Hunting And More

Last week, Bethesda released a CG trailer for Prey 2 in advance of E3. Today, I got to see some of the in-game action that inspired the prerendered clip.

Basically, the demo was a truncated version of the action we outlined in an earlier preview from Bethesda's April press event. I wasn't at that event, however, so the demo was new to me. I won't summarize the entire presentation again, since Meagan did a great job with her preview, but I'll pass on a few of my impressions.

The shooting mechanics are more interesting than a standard FPS, with hero Killian Samuels able to do more than typical things such as take cover and sprint. He's an athletic dude, able to climb up the vertically oriented environments of the Bowery district we saw on planet Exodus. In addition to scrambling up surfaces, Samuels can hang from one hand while shooting at enemies. When they inevitably return fire, he can hang down using both arms, temporarily avoiding gunfire.

The weapons seem nice and varied, including mundane pistols and blasters, and exotic tools such as electric bolos and grenades that create a field of weightlessness. The latter is particularly handy when trying to coax entrenched enemies from cover. One nicely tossed grenade, and they're floating helplessly in the air.

Overall, it's a nice looking game. The city looks a lot like Blade Runner, and there seems to be plenty to do. Human Head realized that it's silly to have players wandering around heavily populated areas with your gun drawn, so pulling it out becomes a mechanic in and of itself. For instance, you can walk up to a beggar and change his entire demeanor by pushing your gun in his face. Or, more productively, you can wave your gun around and intimidate an information broker to negotiate a better deal. It's a little touch, but it shows that Prey 2 is branching out beyond its relatively bland roots.

Look for the game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2012. In the meantime, check out the new screens in the gallery below.

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  • This game looks interesting

  • It seems like most members of the games press who see this game are merely lukewarm about it. I wonder why...

  • This is less than a ringing endorsement by you Jeff. Hopefully it'll be better than the other below average to average games that are published by Bethesda, but developed third party.

    Games developed by Bethesda itself are great.

  • This looks pretty cool, and the SMART method of movement looks to be in this game as well, or at least something like it but more refined.  I like the fact that you don't have to accept every quest and that there are multiple ways of completing them.  Playing a bounty hunter sounds pretty cool.  

  • Looks better than the first one!!

  • "The city looks a lot like Blade Runner" Not a bad thing, mind you.
  • Shaping up to be an interesting game and I have let go of any hangups I have about it not being like the first game. Game is starting to look pretty sweet. I still want to see how the story in this one is related to anything from the 1st game as they share the same franchies name.

  • It seems like this is far from a direct sequel to the last game, but that sounds fine in this case. It looks fun and I'm excited.

  • I saw gamplay and i really want it.

  • lol why is the alien holding the gun 'gangsta-style'?

    I'll check this game out maybe, no MP tho, that's a big problem tho...well not like anyone played the first online after a year...never mind.

  • A definite purchase for me which makes me sad as I have said "definite purchase" to about 80% of the games coming out of E3 this week hahahaha.

  • Insane how great this game is looking. The new bounty angle seems sweet as well. This game is also on the top of my list for 2012.

  • Haven't played the first one, but I'm interested.

  • If this is a sandbox, it jumps very high up my list of wanted games.

  • How is this even a sequal? Looks nothing like Prey. It looks awesome, but so has every other crappy Bethesda published game not developed in-house (Brink had so much potential!!!).
  • I'm not sure how I feel about this game, I want to like it but it's just not happening.

  • Hooo, that flame thrower shot is quite impressive. And it's purple so, yea, win.