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Prey 2

Prey 2 Looks Great...Or At Least Its CG Trailer Does

Prey 2 has little in common with its predecessor, shedding the Native American themes of the first game in favor of a parallel story featuring air marshal turned bounty hunter Killian Samuels. Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios have released a CG trailer for the game, which shows off how Samuels catches his alien prey. There's an extended chase through a city, as well as a look at some of the game's alien designs. Sadly, there isn't anything in the way of actual gameplay, but if it approaches anything like this trailer, it could be a pretty fun game.

For more information on Prey 2, including an extensive look at a bounty mission, check out our preview of the game

As an aside, there is an obligatory shot of Samuels falling from a building and hitting the ground in the pose pictured below. Has anyone else noticed that this seems to be in a lot of trailers these days? Anyone?

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  • Didn't you know that with their powers combined, one knee and one palm can absorb the impact of an individual from any height? Also, it stuns bad guys with awesome and makes individuals barely three feet away horribly bad shots. Despite the best training money can buy.

    Maybe this will be a small gripe, but I'm really not a fan of aliens speaking English. I can get over that, but what really gets me is aliens using English profanity. No, it's not that I'm against profanity, but it just really kills the illusion of a game when an advanced alien race that has mastered interstellar travel, various (usually plasma-based) types of weaponry, and other things uses language that doesn't fit their culture.

    Cursing in English versus cursing in French has such a different intonation and cadence to it. You can tell by body language, tone and other cues. I think it'd be great if writers, designers and others working on games could somehow put these cues into their characters and have much more implied insults or fears - as opposed an alien spitting out, "Kill this mother*" in an alien accent.
  • That trailer was awesome.

  • love the atmosphere, kind of like cowboy bebop
  • Hopefully the game play lives up to the trailer... First one was sweet though i never beat it, game kept getting stuck at the same part everytime i started it over no matter what i tried...

  • well i didn't know that, i just hope it's not some generic dude/is this like gantz? where the aliens have brought their like mothership and now live in our planet? and use us for food?
  • So wait, while he was learning to used advanced technology, they were makin english their primary language? And they all have collars on them with big buttons that kill them? and the game will still have crappy tractor beams that make every thing you pick up rotate? Wait... the camera effects will still make me sick... oh... then pass on this one! And I was so excited up until I heard about the camera effects.
  • CG trailers for he new tomb raider and prey 2?!? I love you pre E3!!!!!

  • The teaser made this game out to seem like the first one, i was thinking that the aliens would have taken over earth or something, this is kind of an odd approach to prey and im not sure if i should be disappointed or exited

  • This is far and away the best Star Wars game never made

  • looks good, of course you can put almost any video to Cash and I would like it.
  • That trailer was so sweet. Really hoping the game is will be just as good.

  • Ugh. Boner.

  • Might be excited if it wasn't called Prey, also if they hadn't put out Brink recently. That game needs alot of work. But they are putting out the next elder scrolls right, so they got that goin for em
  • It's a really nice trailer and all, but I always wonder why game companies even bother spending money on pre-rendered trailers like this at all? It has to cost a significant amount of money, not to mention time taken away from actual development to make these, and to be honest, as cool as they are, they usually aren't very indicative of the game I eventually get to play besides art style and "vibe". The game won't play like that. These trailers only serve to raise expectations and cause people to believe the game is going to be something it isn't. This game will play like every other game like this. You'll walk around an alien world, get various missions from NPC's, and execute missions by walking and running around, taking cover, using weapons, etc. It's not going to be anything like this trailer. So why spend the time and money to make them if it only causes you're game to look shittier by comparison. It won't be as good as Mass Effect and we all KNOW why?
  • Bethesda is publishing it and it seems lately that anything outside of TES seems to be doing poorly as far as reviews go so...not too sure on this. Brink did bad, but I never cared for that. I was looking forward to Hunted, but that one crapped out as well. I'll wait and see for this one because I really enjoyed the first, but considering it's pretty much nothing like the first, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet... Trailer looks great and all...but I was impressed by Hunted too. I just don't wanna get my heart broken again xD
  • Good to see that every alien learned English just because of one human :)

    This game has great potential, looking forward to it.

  • That falling animation is in everything. Every action movie, every action scene on television and in most action games. It is getting so lazy at this point that it is taking over the obligatory slow walk away from an explosion.

  • If the game plays exactly as this trailer looks, i'm in. Very awesome.

  • Loving the Johnny Cash, the Blade Runner feel, and (hopefully) the gameplay, if it's anything like this trailer.

  • Uses ID Tech.

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