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Pokémon X

X & Y Television Spot Showcases Pokémon Dream Invasion

Pokémon X & Y is a little less than a month away from release, and this is the commercial that you will soon see ad nauseam to make sure you don't forget.

It falls in line with most of Nintendo's recent advertisements, placing real human being children alongside digitally imposed Nintendo characters, which of course in this case are Pokémon.

Pokémon X & Y are both releasing on October 12 worldwide. For the most recent Pokémon infor, head here and here.

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  • This is so corny it hurts to watch...
  • I think this is the only trailer with kids in where none of them are black, that I've seen since the late 90's.
  • Everyone knows Pokemon are real, not imaginary. Come on guys, who're you fooling? :p
  • Gogoat can mount those small ledges? I'm speechless...
  • I didn't realize Pokémon were made of plastic. Does that mean if you never let the Pokémon out of the Pokeball it will stay in mint condition?

  • I've seen this at least 4 times... tonight.
  • I think Pokemon X and Y are going to reinvigorate this franchise. I know they aren't reinventing the wheel, but the Pokemon series took a downturn with the release of Pearl and Diamond. I feel like GameFreak has turned out a batch of good Pokes (so far) and the bump to 3d is extremely welcome. Can't wait to play Y and train a new team (yet again)!
  • I actually thought the commercial was pretty good.

  • I saw Gogoat jump over a fence. Please tell me it can jump over small ledges that somehow hinder the player.
  • thinking of picking this up with a 2ds for christmas... not sure though.

  • poor sod on the gogoat...

  • I really would like to get back into the Pokemon games but I haven't seriously played a Pokemon game since Red on the Gameboy Color. Today if I tried I would most likely feel lost and confused with all the new content and shenanigans.
  • Mod

    Its corney as heck but i just want the game.

  • This makes me want the game a little less now...

    Just kidding.  I just never want to see this commercial again.

  • I'm surprised Nintendo didn't use this opportunity to advertise the 2DS, considering it releases the same day.

  • I just pre o9rderd it yesterday :D

  • If there was a game that allowed me to brutally murder all the pokemons in existence, their trainers, villains and every notable character in the series... ala borderlands 2. I would be a big fan of that game. Alas, this isn't that game...

    Sorry they are just too cute to be left alive.

    PS: It would be awesome if they threw in the cast and crew of this commercial via DLC.
  • Everything about that commercial except for the gameplay felt a bit...awkward. Not that it matters either way, I suppose; I'm still psyched about the game.

  • anyone else cringe during this? dont get me wrong, I'm no younger than those kids, and Im super excited for this game. But getting teenage looking kids to talk about pokemon like its their life is just wierd.
  • AAAAHHHhhhhh so excited for this :3

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