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Pokémon X

Characters And Hometown Revealed With Gameplay Trailer And Screens

E3 2013 was gaming news overload as always, but the announcements aren't over even after the expo is finished. New information has been released on Pokémon X And Y and it's just enough to satisfy the itch until fall.

The new region of Kalos has all new places to explore, including the main characters homebase of Vaniville Town. Santalune City holds the first gym and is featured in the trailer. Alexis, a young journalist, is the sister of the city's gym leader. After working your way through the web-like interior of the gym, you must take on the leader, Viola, to earn your first badge.

Several characters were announced for Game Freak's next installment as well as a few new pokémon.

Scatterbug, a bug-type pokémon, evolves in to Spewpa which evolves into bug and flying type Vivillon.

Flabébé, one of the new fairy-type pokémon, holds different types of flowers depending upon which type is found in the wild. So that offers variety among the wild Flabébé in appearance.

The adorable Litleo is a combination fire and normal type pokémon.


Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna (shown above, left to right) are three of the friends you start your adventure with, as well as one additional character. The fourth character is Serena or Calem, whichever is the opposite sex of your chosen trainer.

The friends are even featured in the new trailer.

What do you think of the new character designs? Do any of the pokémon look strangely familiar? Share your thoughts in the comments.

For those who want to be the very best, Pokémon X and Y are both out October 12. 

  • October hurry up! D<

  • So... Brock has been replaced by the human version of Snorlax? Lol. :p

  • I know if I showed this to my 10 year old self, I would have been ecstatic.

    Even now, I'm excited. This will probably be a day one, or at least near release, purchase.

  • i think it looks great

  • Holy crap I want the Butterfly pokemon I saw and was the main character wearing skates?

  • These pokemon look really good. Much better then the last gen.

  • Mod

    every generation the shorts get shorter lol

  • I'm almost more excited for the imminent Hoenn remakes. There was no reason for them in Gen 5, but with the 3D modeling tools in Gen 6 I'd be surprised if they didnt make them. I can finally catch the Regis! I never knew that the Braille alphabet was in the back of Emerald's manual, so many wasted hours trying to translate.
  • Wow, the battle graphics look insanely good :D Can't wait to play this :) Hope my emulator can run it properly though...
  • A character that's automatically the opposite sex of your character, we all know where THAT'S going.

  • A ginger Justin Beiber? Great.

  • i dont mind fairy's killing dragons but this one is just meh at best

    design wise and if all fairy's type are like that with ribbons then facepalm

  • Even with the everything at e3, with sony beating the crap out of microsoft and cool games being announced like The Division and Kingdom Hearts 3, this is still the game that im most excited for. That would have changed if Capcom would have announced Dragons Dogma 2.. But oh well..

  • The addition of all these extra characters could do much for story and writing..This is just like when Groose was added to zelda,things got really funny and you loved the dynamic of everyone.Brilliant news,cant wait for this.

  • I'd love to see a next gen pokemon game.

  • It looks like pokemon is actually trying to get back to the basics of pokemon... They're doing new things that will make their games less predictable instead of following the same formula that they have for years. The pokemon actually look like they were made with the guidelines used for the first four gens when they were still origninal instead of the fith gen formula... I'm pumped for this.

  • Does Trevor lose weight as he walks and bikes all over Kalos?

  • This is going to be my first pokemon game since ruby.