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Launch Date Announced For Next Pokémon Games

The Pokémon Company has announced a October 12 worldwide launch date for the next editions of the immensely popular monster-collecting franchise. To celebrate, the company also revealed a new type of pocket monster: the fairy type.

Check out the trailer and screens below for a closer look at Sylveon, the first fairy-type Pokémon ever seen, as well as new Pokémon Noivern and Vivillon and the touch-screen Pokémon-Amie mode.

For even more Pokémon action, head over to the last release that details the game's region and four more Pokémon.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show.

  • Love the hydreigon vs Sylveon picture.

  • These are looking to be the best Pokémon games yet.

  • i aint played pokemon in a while but i thought fairy type pokemon have been around since 1st generation
  • I'm glad they're adding something to balance out the dragon type, it's a bit overpowered in the current games.

  • I wish these games had a cheat section where i could enter cheats. Oh well it is still a great game cannot wait.

  • i stopped playing Pokemon leaf green is there any difference in the newer ones
  • Wow those 2 new ones look so dope! These games are gonna be great.

  • I'm hoping Fairy type does more than just act as super effective vs dragon.
  • Happily surprised there is going to be a worldwide release.

  • Looks great! Just gotta wait four more months. Can't decide if I'll want to make it a Nuzlocke run, though.

  • My 6 year old said it looks fun. My 12 year old said it looks lame and asked why grown ups would even bother playing it. I didn't respond to either statement, just smiled.

  • Great, now I have an actual deadline to buy a 3DS.

  • I'm a Dragon lover & as a Dragon lover, I find thought of Dragons being susceptible to 'Fairy Powers' offensive... Dragons are too badass for such things! >:(
  • I CAN PET MY POKEMON FINALLY! I'm pretty excited, damn!

  • How is fairy super effective against Dragon? And why didn't they just release Nintendogs Pokemon edition? How can they just change the type of established Pokemon to make them fairy types? And did that guy say it's in Carlos region?

    You've seriously gone off the deep end Nintendo.
  • When I heard Dragon types were super effective against Fairies it made me think it had some mythological significance. Like fairies being able to conquer dragons since most legendaries are dragons in pokemon. But seriously thought the fairys were going to be super effective against dark. I thought they were going to be like polar opposite rivals...guess the Light type wont be happening yet :P

    Also Ive thought this for a long time, and now with those two new pokemon being released, they seriously need a Sound type.

  • Awesome. I like the idea of a fairy type. It makes sense.

  • Waiing for a second eveelution. The new ones have been released in pairs in the past

  • Technically wouldn't pokemon like Jigglypuff be the first Fairy type ever seen?
  • Nice!

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