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Pokémon Rumble U

Pokémon Rumble U Trailer Shows Off Near Field Communication Technology

The Wii U GamePad is capable of near field communication technology, much like the Skylanders series and the upcoming Disney Infinity. Pokémon Rumble U is the first Wii U game to take advantage of it.

You can check out the trailer for the game below, which features lots of frantic-beat-em-up gameplay with recognizable Pokémon. Along with the trailer, Nintendo also opened up the Rumble U website today, which you can check out by heading here.

Pokémon Rumble U will be available to download on Wii U this month. For more on the game, head here.

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  • Nintendo, when we ask for a Pokemon console game...we don't mean this!!! Oh well, between this and Disney Infinity, at least Skylanders finally has some competition.

    Also, nice to see them put the Gamepad technology to use. They need to start showing the other features it can do!
  • Anybody with me on thinking that pokemon has the best handheld rpg  battle system of all time?No,not the rumble games,the main series,like Emerald,Pearl,X,etc

  • It's not like I like having money or anything...but, I feel the urge to have these.

  • Uhg, what is up with those graphics? The character models are terrible.
  • Give me Pokemon XD 2!

  • Hmm... have HD graphics, use them to make poorly detailed toy versions of pokemon.
  • Snorlaxatave
  • its 15 doller game why is every one getting mad were lucky this is coming out we dont want nintendo to think pokemon console games are not worth it in US
  • Gotta buy'em all, huh?
  • I luv Pokemon so much....

  • Nintendo could have made the 3D pokemon we've always wanted... not like this

  • No, just no. Gimmie open world Pokemon with classic combat.

  • How messy.

  • gotta collect them all!

  • that just may be the worst looking hd trailer for a game i've seen. those character models were super rough. i had looked into this for the 3ds, but i might steer clear of that too, now.

    this trailer worked backwards on me.

  • I'm not really a fan of Pokemon, but the idea is pretty cool (I'm not a Skylanders fan either, but I do like watching people play it...I just insist on being the one who puts the toys on the portal :P).

  • CASH GRAB!!!!!!!!