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Pokémon Rumble U

Nintendo Shows Off Screenshots And Toys, Announces Release Date

For Pokémon fanatics who can't hold out until October for X and Y, a new title is coming to the Wii U's eShop next month. Rumble U will feature pokémon figurines with NFC compatibility.

Pokémon Rumble U looks pretty similar to a title we previously featured, Pokémon Scramble U. Scramble U was only released in Japan, and featured the same NFC configured toys as Skylanders.

In the action title, the figurines link with the Wii U gamepad to appear in the game. While solo play is an option, up to four friends can play together cooperatively or compete against each other.

Considering the success of Skylanders, which was made up almost entirely of new characters, Pokémon Rumble U could be a big seller for Nintendo. The franchise is built entirely around collecting as it is ("Gotta catch 'em all!") so collectible figurines featuring already well-loved characters could be the next hit. 

Rumble U will include all 649 pokémon through Black 2 and White 2 in the actual game. Pikachu, Victini, Deoxys, Eevee, and Genesect will be the first figurines among 18 available for a suggested retail of $3.99 each exclusively at GameStop.

Pokémon Rumble U is coming August 29 for $17.99. Will you be downloading this title? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Full Disclosure: Game Informer is owned by GameStop.

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  • I always thought Pokemon and the Skylanders style seemed like a good match.

  • Dang it, I was hoping for earlier! Oh well.
    "Pokémon Rumble U looks pretty similar to a title we previously featured, Pokémon Scramble U. "
    ...I thought that they're the same game?
  • I'll wait for wave two, mewtwos in there

  • Looks like all the Pokemon have been getting frisky with Porygon.


    Can't wait till Dynasty Warriors hops onto this market!
  • Cool!  I'll be glad to download this.

  • Boatloads upon boatloads of cash will be made from this. I still won't be happy until they make a true open world Pokemon game for consoles. Something along the vein of Gale of Darkness but... Better.
  • I smell money... I wish the characters weren't so blocky.
  • Haven't played Pokemon since 96?? Yellow version. Anyways, I always thought a open word game was the logical evolution for this franchise.

    I just think Wii-U owners and potential owners would love to hear a dedicated 3-D Pokemon was coming to the U. Especially in a time when handheld consoles are becoming more and more ..I don't want to say obsolete but for lack of a better word; obsolete.(droids and I-phones)
    My boys would love a 3-D pokemon. Heck even I would probably play it with them :) Maybe even a MMO style game. Afterall, one of the big attractions in Pokemon is the ability to dual against real people
  • I want a pokemon game like blue, gold, and silver built for the WiiU. Watch sells sky rocket if this ever happens

  • Well, even though the price for both the game and the figurines are pretty low, I think I would like to try the other games before I tried this. The four person coop and the fact that you don't have to even buy the figures may make me change my mind by the time I get a WiiU though.

  • All the Pokemon will cost $2,596... For some reason I don't want to catch em' all any more...
  • Is it possible to enjoy this game without buying the toys? I too would love to have a traditional pokemon game on a home console.
  • surprisingly, I am not surprised.

  • Uh...considering the previous 2 Pokemon Rumble games, I'm not getting this.

  • In other news Nintendo decides to cut out the middleman and just start printing their own money.

  • What is this game? I heard of Scramble U, but not Rumble U. It also looks light years ahead of Pokemon Rumble for the Wii. Does not matter I will buy this game under one condition, is a Shinx toy available?

  • 649x4+tax= at least 2596 dollars before tax and alternate special figurines....I think ill skip out on this title and will put that money towards bolstering my ps4 collection. lol

  • The toys are cute but I don't know how well this will do. The first one was great, the second one felt like a repeat, without the enjoyment of playing with friends (yes I know you can play with people but not everyone wants to purchase the game and a 3ds). I feel this one is just going to be more of the same old same old.

  • Most annoying thing Nintendo does, shoehorns their console name into game titles.

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