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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Are As Pretty As You’d Expect

The Pokémon Company has dropped a new trailer in Japan for the upcoming Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes due out this fall. In it, we get a look at mega-evolutions and the revamped world map in the same 3D style as last year’s Pokémon X and Y.

You’ll be able to catch ‘em all (all over again) when Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby arrive on 3DS on November 21. For more, check out our most recent preview.

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  • Looks AMAZING!!

  • Looks AMAZING!!

  • I still havent used Mega Evolutions past the times you have to use them in story because I am sick and tired of looking at the transformation animation over and over. Shame that mega evolution was not permanent
  • Looks pretty awesome!

    Lol @ the Team Magma Leaders face though.

  • Can't wait to jump into Ruby. It looks really good.

  • I hope they use the same soundtrack for the champion battle as the original

  • They didn't really show anything new. :/

  • Is avatar customization no longer a feature?

  • I wonder if character customization is still in the game? I hope so, I liked that.
  • Ugh Trapinch! Arena trap ***!

    Mudkipz and Torchic.

  • I hope that the game is as difficult as the original games. While they're not the most difficult games, X and Y were way too easy.

  • beautiful!

  • I haven't been much interested in Pokemon for a while, but I played so much of this particular game when I was younger, I'd be crazy not to want to see it in full 3D.

    I'd bet a lot of other people are going to be getting it for that reason.

  • As long as the game has more post game champion content than x and y did then I will be happy. I was annoyed with how their was so few new things to do after becoming champion compared to black and white 2.
  • soul silver and heartgold forever the best in the series

  • I went from Blue to (borrowed a friend's)Gold to Ruby then checked out. Im back in for Alpha Sapphire woop!

  • It'll be good to explore the Hoenn region again only this time updated and made better.

  • What!? It only showed Mega Lopunny for half a second!?

  • I always thought Ruby and Sapphire sucked. The Pokémon designs sucked. The starter Pokémon especially sucked. The only thing I liked about them was the secret bases I could pimp out. I wish they would remake Red/Blue/Yellow with this new game engine.