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Pikmin 3

New Pikmin 3 Trailer Showcases New Bugs In High-Definition

Pikmin 3 looks better and better every time we see it. It turns out Nintendo and high-definition graphics make a fantastic partnership.

You won't see a lot of new content in the trailer, but it's nice to see some straight gameplay, and it looks great. For more on Pikmin 3, which releases on August 4, you can check out the game's E3 trailer.

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  • I really wish I liked pikmin.  It does look great in HD!  Can't wait to see how the next Zelda game looks on wiiU.

  • Basically the reason why I bought a Wii U! It's been a hard wait, but I have a feeling this game will be well worth it.

  • I need a wii u so badly

  • This really does look good. This could rival some PS4 and Xbox One launch games.

  • Well, now I have more reason to pick up and play the first two, even if I won't be able to get this one right away...

  • Looks pretty good, but I never really played a Pikmin game before so I couldn't say that I would like it.

  • Far too often people think a game with bright colours is good-looking. Colour matters, but I'm not going to ignore texture quality because of it. Look at Skyward Sword - look at anything close-up, and it's ugly. Just needed to get that out of my system.

    But yeah, the visuals are as vibrant as ever, and I'm really looking forward to this.

  • Why would any company want to highlight all the bugs in their game in an official trailer!?!


    Oh - OH! Different kind of bugs! :)

    Also, fun fact - found out this week during some interviews with Miyamoto that Pikmin 3 began development on the Wii in 2008 before being moved to Wii-U sometime later. Which explains the subpar visuals and flat lighting engine. Honestly though, how hard is it to walk over, maybe go up some stairs, to the Mario Kart 8 team, and borrow the code for their lighting engine, and jam it in Pikmin 3? GOOD lighting would make this look 1000x better! Like a proper HD game! All the flat lighting just seems lazy. Ditto for DKC Tropical Freeze and Mario 3D World... but at least those games are far enough out that they could actually improve in that area before shipping.

  • Should be worthwhile.