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Pikmin 3

Pikmin Soar Through The Air In Pikmin 3

In Pikmin 3 you'll command an army of adorable plant-based bugs in order to solve puzzles, battle dangerous predators, and recover enough food to save your home planet from extinction.

Pikmin 3 introduces two new Pikmin types: Rock Pikmin, which are sturdy little guys who can break solid objects, and Winged Pikmin who have the ability to fly and can carry objects through the air. Watch them both in action in the trailer below.

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  • :)

  • It releases August 4, BTW

  • Watch the developer directs on all of the games nintendo has shown. It has really hyped me up for these new games! Pikmin 3 looks great!

  • Pikmin 3 looks so breath-takingly awesome!

  • I'm one of the biggest Pikmin fans alive and holy mother of god I'm so excited for this game! I CANNOT WAIT MUCH LONGER! GIVE ME MY PIKMIN 3! :D

  • Wii U haters go home, Pikmin 3 is coming!

  • Any day now, Nintendo.

  • I still love that there are multiple captains now.

  • I really want to play this game, but why are the graphics so sub-par? They're not ugly, but they definitely aren't as good as most current gen games.
  • Wishing this was already out...

  • Pikmin are so adorable!!!

  • Hurry up August 4th. Looks great.

  • Holy mother of yes! I'm gonna be the lumbering green guy for sure, he has quite the facial hair.

  • Ok I get it, Nintendo, I need to buy a WiiU this holiday.

  • I'm tempted to buy a Wii U just to play this game.

  • One of my main reasons to get a Wii U.

  • Olimar isn't the main character and no purple or white Pikmin? Boooooo. The purple ones were the best.