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Peggle 2

Popping Pegs In PopCap's Puzzle Paradise

Peggle 2 isn't going to be the biggest Xbox One launch title, but it's sure to please a lot of fans of the first game.

Electronic Arts actually announced Peggle 2 during E3, but we got our hands on the game during a Microsoft pre-Gamescom event.

Fans of the original won't be too surprised here; the game still plays out like a hyperactive version of pachinko. Players fire balls from the top of the screen and try to take out pegs scattered around the screen. When players pop green pegs, they gain access to different superpowers, such as the ability to see where your ball will ricochet before you fire it. The mechanics are simple, but the game remains extremely relaxing and charming. Players can also tackle secondary objectives, such as reaching specific score limits or clearing out all the pegs on a map. Peggle 2 contains over 100 new levels, a series of new Peggle master with varying powers, and more.

Peggle 2 doesn't look earthshatteringly different, but fans of the original will be excited to download this on Xbox One when it releases alongside the system this November.

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  • I'm personally awaiting news of an iOS release.

  • I could never get into Peggle despite the mad love from so many people. I know it's especially fun for kids or parents with kids. It's bright and colorful. It looks like Las Vegas. I will try a demo of this first. Still it's going to be a hit I'm sure like the first. Esp since Kinect Sports has been delayed and parents will want some games for Christmas.

  • I'll probably get it for when I get a girlfriend to play it with. Man, I sound like a loser.
  • Ben, did you volunteer to write this just so you could do that alliteration-ztravaganza in the title?
  • I'll wait for a 3DS version. That's where I played the first, and this game really makes the most sense with a touch-screen.
  • Not gonna lie...I love Peggle. Picked it up on a whim duirng an Xbox Live sale, TOTALLY worth it. It doesn't take all that long to beat the main "campaign" or whatever you would call it, but if you get into playing the challenges, etc., it's actually pretty lengthy. I've proably put at least 20 hours or so total into it, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm actually over 30 or 35. Good purchase. Great way to unwind if you don't feel like getting into some heavier game.

  • BFD!

  • Why Xbox One? Come on guys, first PVZ Garden Warfare now this?! Release it on PC so your beloved fans like me can play! Even doing a mobile exclusive release would be better than this!

  • EA and Microsoft are "in bed" together on this launch.  Explains why they had a long segment at the reveal and at E3.  Smart on MS part, yes Sony delivered a sharp shot across the bow, but Microsoft is taking it laying down.

  • Peggle is supposed to be extremely relaxing?!

  • Fantastic news. Peggle is easily one of my favorite Xbox 360 titles. I love how accessible it is. Great to play in 10-15 minute chunks. (Or longer). ;)

  • Peggle.....I played the demo and loved it and I really need to get around to downloading it.