Peggle's wacky take on pachinko has enchanted PC gamers since 2007, and now DS owners can join the fun. Dual Shot includes the original Peggle, Peggle Nights, and some all-new levels. The dozens of hours it takes to clear all of this content fly by, as the breezy gameplay leavens the profoundly luck-driven action with just enough skill to keep players enthralled.

Players must clear all of the orange pegs on each level by simply aiming and firing a ball from the top of the screen. Mastering the first bounce is possible thanks to a clever interface that allows for precise, frustration-free aiming. Beyond the initial rebound, it's impossible to predict where your ball is headed, especially on boards that feature moving pegs. Cheering the little silver sphere on or cursing its hatred for you is half the fun.

This port has a decidedly low-fi presentation compared to the PC original, but the gameplay is 100-percent authentic. The handheld's limited resolution makes tricky shots somewhat harder to line up, but this is only a minor annoyance. Peggle is one of the better puzzle games available, no matter the format.