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Payday: The Heist

Trailer Teases Bridge Heist

Sony Online has released a trailer for the imminent Payday: The Heist that shows off one of the game's non-bank capers: an assault on a prisoner convoy crossing a bridge. Do you have the co-op chops to drop this crop of cops?

Payday has impressed me (the PC version, anyway) the last few times I've played it with its Left 4 Dead-like four-player co-op and slightly randomized missions. It's currently listed as an October release, so we should see it on PlayStation Network and PC shortly.

  • Batman: Dark Knight, anyone?
  • Honestly, I watched it out of sheer curiosity because of the pedo-clown.
  • Ooooh, this actually looks rather good. Unfortunately, I'll be busy with Battlefield 3, Skyrim and TOR, but if it were to be released, say, next year, it would be a definite purchase.
  • As cool as this looks, im not going to get it. There are simply to many other top tier games on the horizon that I plan on getting.
  • Looks amazing!

    It will be nice taking down those pesky coppers :)

  • I'm considerably more excited for Gotham City Imposters - I actually processed this article as something for that just by looking at the picture, even though I read "The Heist" x.x
  • Man I am excited for this game. I already got 3 buddies, we already got our roles, and I can't wait to get into this game! I hear the levels are a tad short, but replay value and future (hopefully free) DLC should alleviate boredom.

  • if only it was coming to xbox
  • Can't wait for this one!

  • Bring this to 360 please, Ive always dreamed of a good bank heist game. The left 4 dead influence is nice along with the variety they have been showing in the missions. Make it happen developers!
  • graphics look like something on a ps2

  • This game looks really good i might need to pick it up

  • this game looks SOOOOO F U C K I N G SICK!!!!!!!!
  • This looked pretty cool, but the graphics are lacking a bit. Does look very similar to Left 4 Dead, though.

  • Just a reminder that clowns will always haunt my dreams. Thanks for inspiring nightmares, Sony!
  • I am really anticipating this game, I just hope there is splitscreen co-op. I think I read the release date may be Oct. 4th (I hope so at least).

  • Can't wait for the game to finally come out. Loving the looks already.

  • looks cool, hope it's fun

  • That looks awesome!

  • Fuuuuuck. Not for XBLA?
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