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Payday: The Heist

More Like Left 4 Ocean's 11

Like co-op but bored with zombies? Take your four-player shooting to the modern day heist genre with this PC/PSN downloadable title from a new Swedish studio.

In the bank robbery I played at E3, all four players start by casually strolling into the bank to be robbed with weapons under their business suits. Once you’ve sufficiently cased the joint, you throw on your masks and start shooting. The alarm sounds, civilians start screaming, and the action starts.

You’ve got a minute, more or less, to get to the hidden drill and thermite you need to cut through the security doors that slammed down with the alarm. After that, the police assault waves start up. Things get more complicated when SWAT teams are crashing through windows, busting through the front doors behind riot shields, and sniping you from upper-floor vantage points.

The police assault mechanic is brilliant. The waves never stop until you make it out with the loot or fail, but they ebb and flow. Fight off a wave, and you’ve got a brief respite to get on with your mission objectives before the cops start pouring in again. Watch out for stragglers, though; just because the assault indicator isn’t on your screen doesn’t mean there’s not a lone dude with a shotgun waiting to ruin your day. And ruin your day he will.

Rather than L4D’s rescue closets, respawns in Payday are accomplished by trading hostages. You can still be helped up by a friend if your regenerative health runs out, but if the cops nab you they need a hostage returned to set you free. You can easily capture civilians by riot cuffing them, but then they’re immobile – and you only have two riot cuffs to use. Much better is to wound or surprise a cop and threaten him. If he’s scared and/or hurt badly enough, he’ll throw down his gun and tie himself up. In either case, someone has to go hold down the interact button to trade the hostage in order for a player to respawn.

Cut the doors, burn a hole through the ceiling, stuff the duffelbags with cash, fight your way out to the getaway vehicle, and victory is yours. Not all scenarios are bank robberies, though, and I look forward to seeing the other five levels Overkill is launching the game with later this year -- though all six should be fairly replayable thanks to the randomization of item and enemy spawns, not unlike (once again) Left 4 Dead.

I had no expectations going into Payday: The Heist. Playing a single level on the show floor made me a believer, though. Developer OverKill has some work to do on the AI, but I'm in love with Payday's potential.

  • I am really interested in this game. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it!
  • While I like the idea of this, SONY will probably get a lawsuit because some imbecile says this is the reason he did something stupid.

  • Seems as though someone played a lot of Left 4 Dead and went to go see the Dark Knight. Looks like a really cool fusion of two great concepts: heists and 4-player co-op. And as a downloadable game, it should be a bargain.
  • Well I guess this is PS3's answer to L4D since that's never coming over lol. I'm looking forward to it. Hope it turns out well.

  • Actually looks suprisingly fun. I will probably buy this.

  • Sounds like a refreshing take on the whole co-op experience, which I'm not gonna lie, is needed sorely in this day and age

  • The title of the article had me clicking on the link so fast, "Left 4 Ocean's 11". Never heard of this before, but my curiosity is definitely piqued.

  • Im in for the right price.

  • Am I the only one getting tired of anything with 4 player coop and some form of randomization being compared to Left 4 Dead? It was an amazing game and all, but 4 player coop isn't something it did totally new. And it also had random enemy spawns and random waves of them. Something that most games being compared to L4D don't have, so it really doesn't make much sense.

  • Aww it's not on Xbox Live

  • Wow, that sounds and looks surprisingly fun. I'm definitely interested. I'm glad it's on the PC too seeing as I don't own a PS3 (for now).

  • lol left 4 dead is fun so im down

  • Once fix news hears of this, they will probably come up with some statistics that show bank robberies are up. Lol

  • A heist game huh? I dunno, I am all for the action sequencing of it, but I would like to see one come with more emphasis on the planning, etc. that would come along with setting up a heist. I would prefer a more indepth look at running a heist crew.

  • Love the concept, have to wait and see how it turns out though.

  • Looks fun.

  • It might as well be that but I will play the hell out of it!! This sounds like a ton of fun!!

    I have a real sickly interest in bank robberies & heists,not sure why but I love em....weird I know.

  • This looks pretty interesting but I've never liked games where you shoot cops and innocent people so I'll probably be skipping this one.  

  • Interesting...

  • It's nice to see a PS3 alternative to LFD and it looks very fun too. and I'm getting tired of Zombies :)  

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