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Payday 2

New Payday 2 Images From E3

Payday: The Heist, a cooperative first-person shooter from Overkill Software, came out two years ago to a mediocre reception. Payday 2 looks to seriously improve upon its predecessor, offering 20 times the amount of missions, more distinctly unique classes, and powerful new player abilities.

The core of the Payday series, however – robbing banks with a team of heavily armed, clown mask-wearing specialists – is still very much intact. Check out some new images from Payday 2 below.

You might also be interested to know that Payday 2 is accompanied by a live-action web series.

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  • Looks a bit better than the first one. Hopefully it is better

  • Looking pretty fun. I'm still not sure why the first was poorly received- I thought it was alright personally.
  • I would like to see this but in a Counter-Strike mindset where one team are the robbers and the other team are the police/SWAT responders.  I think it would be cool to give the robbers a small time period to start the heist and setup a formation before the SWAT team gets in and then the objective is escape with the money VS take down the robbers.  

  • Only the PS3 version was mediocre. The PC version was actually a ton of fun with friends and generally well received. It got an 8/10 from Gameinformer and currently has a 76/100 on Metacritic.

  • Will be picking this one up. Does sound a lot better. I liked the first one just thought it was a little laggy at times.

  • I've been keeping an eye on this. I never played the first but any chance to gun down cops and steal money sounds good to me... In a video game, of course. =/

  • Not interested. I was lured into the first one based on their promise to "constantly add content and update regularly" which they failed at both. Sorry 505 games, you really let me down.
  • Certainly looks good, hopefully the realistic gunplay carries over as well.