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Payday 2

Dev Walkthrough Takes You Behind The Heist

Payday 2 lets you live out your criminal aspirations from the safety of your own home. The four-player co-op game features a variety of heist-based missions that encourage players to either work together as a tightly coordinated team or suffer the consequences. A new developer walkthrough shows off how the game works with plenty of gameplay footage.

As you can see in the video below, players have to make snap decisions throughout their heists. Do you take hostages or take a more violent approach? Is it worth taking the time to grab all of the available cash and loot, or would it be less risky to grab what you can and slide out ASAP?

The game will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on August 13. The 360 and PS3 versions will also have collector's editions available for $59.99. It includes the game, as well as a mask, gloves, $100 bill wallet, and a soundtrack CD.

For more information on Payday 2, take a look at these screens from E3 and our earlier preview.

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  • Never really got into payday. I think I know what new game I'll get into next!

  • Never really heard of payday 1, but this one looks fairly decent

  • Does it have couch co-op?
  • I'm interested, but the AI seemed absolutely worthless to me. While I don't mind running and gunning at all, I hope the AI doesn't just stand still and catch bullets.

  • I'm excited. The first one, though far from perfect, was still a ton of fun to play, especially online.

  • Payday 1 was fun but dumb, this one looks like a massive improvement, especially with the improved team.

  • Ahh so excited!

  • Lets just hope its better then the first..

  • I have a lot of fun with Payday: The Heist, and this looks REALLY good. Better than The Heist in every way. Graphics, interface, and even gunplay and gun physics look like a significant improvement from the original. I'm defintiely buying this. I might get collector's edition, but I need to keep my money for my GTA V preorder.

  • Never played the 1st one but the whole premise behind this series sounds awesome! Can't wait to dig into this I'm just hoping they make a solid game though.

  • I really hope this pans out