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Although our playtime with Owlboy was short, the pixel perfect graphics and nostalgic gameplay left us itching for more. A coming-of-age story of sorts, Owlboy stars a young owl apprentice named Otus who has a massive weight placed on his shoulders – the responsibility of saving his idyllic floating village from encroaching sky pirates. 

The village is peaceful as the adventure begins, with Otus summoned to visit the the resident professor to check out his latest experiment. Many diversions can be found as you make your way to the laboratory. Otus can test his flying prowess on several obstacles courses, make friends by stopping to chat with the locals, and even complete a small side quest for a villager in need. The town also has its own population of undesirables – various monsters that Otus can dispatch with a simple spin attack.  

Arriving at his destination, the professor teaches Otus a new offensive technique, one that involves a willing ally in the village. Called Gunners, these NPC characters hang from Otus’ talons and shoot various threats from a safe distance. The pair fly off to a nearby shooting range to test their skills, only to be met by premature darkness, ushering in a throng of sky pirates with it . The duo makes their way through a minefield of searchlights back to the professor, who issues them a new order. They are to make their way to a dungeon hidden within the clouds.

In the dungeon Otus and his gunner work in tandem to best the labyrinth and solve puzzles. Narrow corridors lined with spikes are difficult to negotiate and an array of foes with unique weak points keep combat diverse. Puzzles capitalize on the lofty setting, often tied to some sort of weather mechanic. In one area Otus must perch on a moving cloud, his weight emptying rain into a waiting receptacle. A second puzzle has Otus turning on and off air vents in order to navigate a cloud into an adjacent chamber. Some puzzles require both partners to best. Others can only be taken on solo.

It’s obvious that D-pad is setting out to craft an epic journey for Otus the owl. With the unique gunner and weather manipulation mechanics, beautiful art, solid pacing and a sense of humor, Owlboy has the potential to strike a cord with classic gamers.

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